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    Flat base cymbal stands

    I just picked up a straight flat base cymbal stand over the weekend. After looking at all they had in the shop (DW, Pearl, and Tama), I went with the Tama Classic because I liked the idea that it had the solid upper tube. I also like geared tilters on cymbal stands, but that's just me. The...
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    Field snares

    Lately I've been wanting to get back into my older rudimental playing days. I've been considering getting a snare drum closer to a field snare - you know, that fat deep sound. However, I didn't want to fork out the higher dollar for an actual field snare drum and was wondering how close a 14 x...
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    Remo P3 snare batter

    Please forgive my naive question but I don't know the answer so I'm going to ask - would a Remo Powerstroke 3 snare batter be the equivalent of using an Ambassador with a Rem-O control ring? I like the dryness and compressed tone I get when using a control ring on my Ambassador and G1 snares...
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    Diplomat - Ambassador - Emperor

    The above mentioned in coated versions - are there volume differences between the three weights? Diplomat being the thinnest of the three (thus being wide open with more overtones?), is it louder than the other two or opposite? I would think the thicker Emporer would have a darker tone and...
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    Taming a snare

    It was a toss up between the Heads thread and the Drum thread so I chose here - I have a poplar 14x5 snare that is pretty loud and brash. It currently still has the stock Remo UT heads on it, but I am wondering if my go to coated Ambassador batter will tame this drum enough. This particular...
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    Hamilton classic snare stand

    Has anyone any experience with this Hamilton classic snare stand: I once seen a photo with Jeff Hamilton using one, and the retro style seems kind of cool. The height...
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    Gretsch Catalina Maple drum heads

    Hello everyone - could someone please tell me what Remo heads are coming on the current Catalina Maple drums? Usually I see either a UT or UC on others makers and know they are the overseas versions, but these just have "By Remo" on them. Thanks.
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    Ludwig classic single braced hardware

    I was looking around the Steve Weiss site and seen these vintage looking single braced Ludwig stands: I looked on the Ludwig site, and then looked on some other retail...
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    Forward tilting snare drum

    Hello all. I've seen many photos of early drummers with their snare drums tilting forward, away from them. I've seen this more so in photos of the 40's and 50's, but slightly after as well. I understand that some traditional grip players liked their snare drums tilting one side higher than...
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    Marching bass to kick drum

    Being in the market for a new kick drum, I found what I think is a good deal on a marching bass drum in 20", 22" and 24" x 12". With the addition of spurs, would these work well for a kick drum? If so, what would be the better size to go with 12"? Thanks.
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    Ride cymbal - hi-hat positions

    Hello all. I play mostly rockabilly and americana with some added surf and older blues. My kit is setup with just bass drum, snare, floor tom, ride, crash, and hats. Because I use the ride more than the hats I have my ride positioned 12:00 to the snare with the crash just to the left of it...
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    Bass drum mounted cymbal stand

    Hello all. I am looking for a bass drum mounted cymbal stand similar to the one used on the Pearl Roadshow 4-piece and the Ddrum 4-piece kits. I looked around a little bit and didn't see any that had the larger diameter down tube to use in the tom mount. I'm wanting to use this style for...
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    Rockabilly cymbals

    Hello all!! The following is a reply from my "rockabilly kit" thread: Lennytoons Senior Member Join Date: Apr 2014 Posts: 134 Default Re: Rockabilly kit I'd say the cymbals are the most important part of the kit. Lots of Rockabilly has some pretty fast cymbal work. Zildjian A's are good...
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    That 50's style

    Hello gang. It was mentioned in a thread I started a short while ago when looking for a rockabilly kit that the kit didn't matter as much as the actual style of playing does - which I agree whole heartedly. I am hoping to find as much info on rockabilly style drumming as I can. Does anyone...
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    Hello from Ohio

    Hello everyone! New guy from Ohio. I'm a guitar player whose wanting to hang the guitar up for a while and move to drumming. I've played percussion throughout all my school years and even dabbled a bit with kit playing so I'm not totally new, but certainly have a lot to learn. I look forward...
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    Rockabilly kit

    Hello everyone - obvious first post here. I'm looking for recommendations on drum sizes to make up a very basic rockabilly kit, that could possibly also double as an upbeat jazz / bop kit. Let me express that this will be a first kit for me. I guess a bit of background is in need - I have...