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    Dave Weckl-like ghost note snare patterns

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for help figuring out a concept that Dave Weckl often uses in his grooves/patterns/licks, such as: during the choruses here, the first one starts @ 00:46 - Most of the time here, for example @ 00:26 and 01:03 - Sometimes here, for example @ 01:40 and 02:59 - They're...
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    Fusion study material

    Hi! I've studied and played jazz for a while, then I've moved to studying fusion and while I have learned a few fusion songs, familiarized myself with a number of tropes/common elements/cliché and whatnot I feel like I was naive in my approach and my playing suffers because of it. I studied...
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    Kit composed of pieces from different kits?

    Hi! Do you have any experience with/playing on kits composed of drums with different specs, say maple toms and birch bass drum, for the warmth and punch respectively? Because of an ideal set I could assemble I would end up with something like that, and on one hand I think that would give me...
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    Tama oak sticks

    Hi! I recently found out that Tama has signature sticks for Nyangostar (the japanese drummer in the big, round, red costume in a video that became popular some months ago), so I felt compelled to check out their drumsticks offering and I found that they make small, jazz-oriented oak sticks...
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    Heel bouncing on the hi-hat pedal

    Hi! I've recently started to notice that a lot of professional drummers bounce their heel on the hi-hat pedal, but not necessarily opening and closing it with each bounce, for whole songs/pieces at a time. Brian Blade here would be an example, when the steadier drum part starts @ about 04:15...
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    Paiste signature rough rides

    Hi! I'm looking for information on the Paiste signature rough rides, as I've found a couple used for a good price but I've hardly found any info apart from "they're very esoteric and strange", "they're lighter and darker than other sigs", "they suck/they're great", and so on and so forth. I...