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    Should I memorize each solo as I go through Wilcoxon's All American book?

    Swing Solos has been a constant in my learning. Both with teachers, and self-directed. There are a few solos that I can play on demand. However the majority go through a blowing off of the cobwebs stage when I revisit the book.
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    Roommate plays electric drums

    The noise is bothering you. So much so, that you posted on a drum forum for feedback. If you are in a house, is there somewhere else in they can put the drums? Basement, garage etc? That, plus a mutually agreed upon timetable, may be a solution.
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    Do you control your own stage mix?

    I'm probably in the minority here, but I don't want any drums in my ears on stage. The things I want to hear clearly are lead vocals, and my metronome. Add backing tracks if the gig calls for them. On small stages, I set the levels so everything else, including drums, bleeds through my in-ears...
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    Frank Zappa transcription project

    That track is another example of Zappa's genius. The bass and drums were recorded at/on completely separate venues/dates. Frank later peeled the tracks from their respective masters, and mixed them to create Rubber Shirt. :love:
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    Do you control your own stage mix?

    Larger venues usually have in-house staff to run sound. I'm not a fan wedges to one side. I prefer to use in-ears. I get a balanced sound (both ears), and can set the volume where I want it - usually much lower.
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    Frank Zappa transcription project

    Great googly moogly! Waaay back, I transcribed the Zappa In New York album. I was playing bass and drums at the time, and transcribed both parts for the whole album. This is truly impressive!!! I agree with Todd. Your copy is great. If these ever get compiled and published, be sure to include...
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    Hanging vs. Floor Tom

    @Vintage Old School I went through a similar setup phase - everything hanging. Over time I began to regret the decision, for all the same reasons. I started to write a post about it, but it took the form of a long winded ramble. You did a MUCH better job. Thank you!
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    How many of you sing while drumming?

    I have sung lead, but I am not a fan of my voice in that capacity. I love the sound good harmonies. Always happy to contribute that way. Other than swapping out gear due to wear and tear, I've been using this type of setup* (pics below) for years now. No fussing to fit another tripod base on...
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    Would drilling floor tom legs in my 1990's Pork Pie USA drums hurt the value?

    When I had a PDP CX kit, I converted the 14" hanging tom to a floor. I bought 2 additional PDP tom clamp/mounts, and used the 3rd from the STM mount. I never regretted it. When I sold the kit years later. the buyer was thrilled to have a 14" floor tom. You could probably source the correct...
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    A different kind of Muscle Memory (Prostate Cancer)

    Sailing smoothly through my 50's, but it's certainly on my radar. New daily regimen... singles, doubles, flams and Kegel's. All the best in your recovery!
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    Recording - less mic's for better results?

    Do this!!! In a small room, I always start with one mic. For a 4 piece kit, I start with an over the kick, knee-mic position (examples here). Different mics will yield different results, but most yield good results. If the knee-mic isn't an option (placement issues, larger kit, etc), I put the...
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    Any serious Lap Drummers?

    Man, there have a been a few thread titles of late that I have totally misread :LOL: I lap drum a lot. When I was teaching, I recommended it to all of my students. Not just sitting. You can also do it standing - waiting for the bus, in line at a store, etc. Great way to sneak in some practice...
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    Why Rodney Holmes never made it big?

    Choice! Check out his website. Rodney has kept himself very busy - working on his own music, and creating/playing with others in non-top40 radio genres.
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    Hanging vs. Floor Tom

    Go for it! (y):cool:
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    Drum set finish - yea or nay?

    On first glance I thought, cool! By the time I read through the thread, and scolled back up, my mind had changed.
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    Lonely is the night fill

    Yep! Wake that right foot up :D The rhythm of that bit (&a4 & ) is "bucket-of-fish &". Two 32nd notes (bucket) and a 16th (of) on the kick, followed by two 8th notes on the snare. Lots of ways to play the bucket-of . I would play it with an up/"buc"-tap/"ket"-down/"of" movement. If you play...
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    What is a "Stage Ride"?

    Yeah, just marketing. I used to have both AAX and HHX 20" stage rides. I used them as crashes.
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    Lonely is the night fill

    That's a great song! I've covered it, and Everybody Wants You, with a few bands. Before learning the songs, I hadn't paid much attention to Billy Squire, or Bobby Chouinard. Thanks to youtube, I grew to appreciate what a great band they had. Think this is the section you are asking about...
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    Triggers for S-flange Hoops?

    Most drum mics come with clamps that are adjustable enough to work on all metal hoops. Nothing special is required for s-hoops.
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    RIP Chick Corea

    Never think about players like this no longer being. Yet it is inevitable. Chick left an incredible legacy that will inspire for generations. Each incarnation of his 'live' bands delivered. Thankfully many great performances were captured on video.