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    Your best 5 Paiste Cymbals

    Same but I dont have a 505, I have many other paisties but your first two are my favs too. For the fifth one Ill add the 19" Giant Beat Multi I use as a ride on a smaller set. I'm looking for a 22" 404 .
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    Lyrics you just got wrong

    I like to make my own Weird Al Lyrics to classics songs.
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    PST 7- Are they descent for the price?

    Rock is heavy, Universal is mediums, Session are light. Fyi, my son's medium set is several years old now, and sounding better and better as it ages.
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    PST 7- Are they descent for the price?

    If you like a darker sound on a budget, find the older thin PST5's, 14, 16 and 18's (not the new medium or heavys), use the 18 as a crash ride, perfect great sounding budget cymbals that I think sound better than the pst7's. There a good reason Paiste discontinued them.
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    Used Zildjian ZBT - Worth it?

    I found the PST7 better sounding if the set is not against a wall, its near field sound is less refined than the 2002s and might be a turn off to some. They sound better if the walls are far away and in a bigger room, if not the PST 5's sound better near field as they are darker.
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    Ludwig Breakbeats

    I purchased one when my son started playing when he was 6. We still play it for fun, but that space between the top of the bass drum and tom is wasted, an 18 in bass drum would have better to make it a perfect set. The Toms sound great if you put the stock top pinstripe on the bottom and coated...
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    Used Zildjian ZBT - Worth it?

    Get the pst5's (not rock or heavy), way better than other entry level sets for the price.
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    "There is no wrong way to set up a drum kit"

    His Hair? :LOL:
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    Has anyone heard of putting your cymbals in the oven?

    All Sabian B8's should be melted in the oven and then remade into Paisties. That the best way to conserve Copper. :sneaky:
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    New from Paiste

    Signatures are great, but after a while I tire of them just like the rudes, I stick to 2002's and Giant Beats, and some of their older value lines.
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    What Artist did you worship, but no longer listen too?

    U2 Bonos preaching and then hanging out with the establishment is what did it. I still like the early stuff though.
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    "There is no wrong way to set up a drum kit"

    Double 26" bass drums with loose panties on should put on a good show! :p
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    The sound of the drum is within the heads

    The Sound of the drum is within YOUR head. Its all perception. If you cant hear the difference in the shells and believe most of the sound type comes from the heads fine, good for you. But thats not how my head perceives it. To my head the shell makes a big difference given the same drum heads...
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    "There is no wrong way to set up a drum kit"

    as for the videos posted here A. People can do want as they please with drums. There are no rules. B. Some people do anything to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, more power to them or C. Instead of gimmicks and show, maybe these drummers should practice, improve and invent compose...
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    Your best 5 Paiste Cymbals

    Yeah, the 404 22” ride has a magical sound. Love that video
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    Your best 5 Paiste Cymbals

    One of my sets use the 19” multi as a primarily as a ride
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    Are Paiste Giant Beats and Paiste 404 the same?

    Also the PST7's get better with age as it tarnishes. I suspect thats also why the 404 and 505's hold up still. Fine Wine
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    New Giant Beats!

    They are loud enough and cut through loud guitars just fine, Even more so than Zildjian A's. These are B8's, they have darker yet shimmery sound at the same time, Magical! I have 2002's med and thins too, but the Giant Beats are special.
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    New Giant Beats!

    The best sounding cymbals in the market today, my opinion of course. I have the same but 15"s are the 2002 SoundEdges
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    B20 or bust

    It landed in a Private location in Idaho