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  1. J

    Had to start over...

    I'm not all that competent with heel toe, I use the slide technique instead. It works for doubles and singles for a longer period.
  2. J

    Had to start over...

    Happy to say that I reached 180bpm 16ths today. Solid clean hits, wasn't rushing or lagging behind. The heel-down practice paid off tremendously.
  3. J

    Had to start over...

    I started increasing the speeds, and I manage a streak of 16ths with both feet at 80-85 bpm already. My left foot was the culprit in not being able to get solid double bass drum rolls. Hopefully I'll keep increasing my speed without another 4-year lull.
  4. J

    Had to start over...

    The problem was not utilizing the bounce on my left foot. Today I intuitively got it while doing 16ths at 70-75 bpm per foot. I don't know why I didn't notice this earlier but I was trying to force the notes and my foot was in a weird position all the time.
  5. J

    Had to start over...

    My stomping double bass technique messed up my progress for years. I only recently started doing heel down again, going for 10 minutes at 60bpm 32nds, to build the muscles and endurance in my ankles. Now I can only do 70bpm 32nds with heel-up, one bar at a time. I tried 75bpm today and I start...
  6. J

    Mental Rehearsal

    I've been using visualization as a motivator prior to my practice time. I don't have a method or anything, I just see myself nailing a part and successfully playing a song. How many of you use visualization, and do you think it works?
  7. J

    Learning more songs @ 80% or fewer at 95%

    Similar threads popping up here... I find that learning songs as close to original boosts confidence in your ability to play new songs. The devil is in the details. BUT, having a new song to work on gives me enthusiasm and makes the practice sessions more interesting. I tend to use songs I've...
  8. J

    Learning New Songs

    Playing the difficult parts in isolation helps a lot. Then you weave what you learned into the song while playing over the track. edit: It's pretty obvious in retrospect but I used to try and rush through the songs over and over again when trying to learn a new track. When I failed a part, I...
  9. J

    Depression and drumming

    I gotta write this down to believe it. I've got maniacs trying to handle me in my home town. I'm an average player at best, so maybe the fact that I actually managed to pick up something and do it was an actual miracle to abusers and crazy people, so they try to destroy my confidence and...
  10. J

    Depression and drumming

    I'm working through depression and other stuff through drumming. When I really nail parts of some songs despite having the shittiest conditions imaginable, it really makes my day. That means it's working for me. I have chaos all around me and drumming is my North Star right now.
  11. J


    I'm curious, which Finnish drummer are you mentioning? We've got some good ones.
  12. J

    Finding your own drumming style

    I just started thinking about this, how I want to emulate certain bands and play cover songs. They've had their own creative process in the music, so that cannot be emulated, but getting into the feeling of the music while playing cover songs is still possible. I'm getting at something...
  13. J

    Working on double bass

    What do you guys think of the lessons in this video? I've been implementing the 30 minutes a day advice. I put on 150-160 bpm track and do 8ths with single foot alternating and 16ths for as long as I can go before fumbling. I've gotten up to 5 minute streches doing 16ths, but my muscles get...
  14. J

    How much time till single stroke competency?

    Yeah Roddy can definitely handle his blast beats!
  15. J

    How much time till single stroke competency?

    Relaxation has definitely gotten better! I just rolled an 8 -minute blast beat and snare combo at 150 bpm. It can't be my endurance since I've been away from the kit for weeks before getting back to it recently. Seems like the rest was called for in time. Gotta up the speed to 160 and see if I...
  16. J

    How much time till single stroke competency?

    Thanks guys for the abundant advice! I've been following the instructions, but my practice has been sporadic at best. Doesn't really help with developing endurance, for sure. Also, I've been working on relaxation mostly, breathing in and out more fully and keeping the sticks lightly in my...
  17. J

    Grinding singles

    So yeah my practice has devolved (player broke down so only the right earbud works) into listening to the metronome and banging out singles with my feet and practicing rolls with my hands. I put the metronome on 70bpm and bang out sixteenths with my feet alternating, working more on my left...
  18. J

    What are you doing today as a drummer?

    Working on single stroke rolls and relaxation.
  19. J

    Metal appreciation thread

    I started practicing seriously at 30 years old. Two years later I'm doing blast beats at 190 consistently. 240 is a couple of years away, when I'm 36! (hopefully)
  20. J

    What are your favorite albums?

    The Black Dahlia Murder - Miasma Deftones - Around the Fur Matthew Good Band - The Audio of Being Lionheart - Undisputed Just a couple I listen to over and over again.