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  1. J

    Had to start over...

    My stomping double bass technique messed up my progress for years. I only recently started doing heel down again, going for 10 minutes at 60bpm 32nds, to build the muscles and endurance in my ankles. Now I can only do 70bpm 32nds with heel-up, one bar at a time. I tried 75bpm today and I start...
  2. J

    Mental Rehearsal

    I've been using visualization as a motivator prior to my practice time. I don't have a method or anything, I just see myself nailing a part and successfully playing a song. How many of you use visualization, and do you think it works?
  3. J

    Finding your own drumming style

    I just started thinking about this, how I want to emulate certain bands and play cover songs. They've had their own creative process in the music, so that cannot be emulated, but getting into the feeling of the music while playing cover songs is still possible. I'm getting at something...
  4. J

    Working on double bass

    What do you guys think of the lessons in this video? I've been implementing the 30 minutes a day advice. I put on 150-160 bpm track and do 8ths with single foot alternating and 16ths for as long as I can go before fumbling. I've gotten up to 5 minute streches doing 16ths, but my muscles get...
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    Grinding singles

    So yeah my practice has devolved (player broke down so only the right earbud works) into listening to the metronome and banging out singles with my feet and practicing rolls with my hands. I put the metronome on 70bpm and bang out sixteenths with my feet alternating, working more on my left...
  6. J

    Metal appreciation thread

    Post your favorite metal drummers, hopefully with video! The amount of precision, stamina and feel this sort of music requires on the drums is astounding. Let's appreciate the music a bit in this thread. The venerable Shannon Lucas will kick things off. :beers up:
  7. J

    Playing for a bit, technique?

    No warm up, no metronome. Just playing off the top of my head. No idea how fast this was. So...How am I doing? :)
  8. J

    Gear affects feel

    I got to try a new snare and single pedal today and it was like playing a different kit. I had been playing with older yamaha double pedals and a looser snare, and the sound was so different it was a pleasure to play some blast beats and grooves. The bounce and action in the pedal and snare...
  9. J

    How much time till single stroke competency?

    I'm talking 210+ bpm rolls and blast beats and such. I'm heavily focused on this, and I'm getting to 190+ currently, not for 10 minutes mind you, but the speed has somehow developed over months of grinding. How does one develop the skill to roll for 10 minutes at really fast tempos? Why does a...
  10. J

    Practice and reality (long post)

    Back at the kit after 6 (!) weeks of break. My wrist has gotten better I think, and I was trying out playing along to tracks yesterday after some single stroke practice. Given that my wrist can take it, I'm getting back into practice. Main goals currently are: 1. 200 bpm blast beat
  11. J

    Fast double bass rolls

    Having difficulty with these when playing over tracks. How fast is the roll starting at 0:50 in this song: ? It would be easier if I could edit and make a click track over these things... I find it even depends on my footwear whether I can nail...
  12. J

    Some blast beat progress

    Managed to blast at 170 for a couple of minutes. BUT, I still get stiff when I tire out. I don't know if it's a technique issue or just general lack of fitness. It's progress though, compared to 146 I managed earlier for five minutes. I've been working on finger technique and relaxation, but...
  13. J

    Playing a cover song (audio only) Made an audio recording of my playing A Perfect Murder song. Lots of mistakes but yeah...
  14. J

    Questions for metal drummers on the forum

    How did you learn to hear faster while you're playing? I'm going at blasting diligently and I manage a minute here and there but at some point I just think "this is too fast" and I mess up at some point. In listening to music it's a given like "yeah hey this is blasting, sounds awesome" but...
  15. J

    Practice video, help wanted

    I shot a half-assed practice video showing how I do 8422 for singles (not my full routine). If any of the teachey-types want to give a free lesson I'll send the link in pm.
  16. J

    First jam done

    I have to say, writing original songs isn't easy :) That said, I am much more relaxed when not practicing or playing cover songs, since I can play within my own abilities. The music doesn't sound bad either. We did some metalcore/hardcore -type stuff for half a song. Half a song in two hours...
  17. J

    Left hand goes stiff

    While practicing today I noticed that my left hand goes stiff when I try to string 16th notes together for a longer period of time. That messes up my blast beat practice completely. I can practice 8,4,2,2 but anything more than 32-64 (depends on the session) consecutive hits my hand goes "oh...
  18. J

    I hit 180 bpm economy blast

    After about 3 months of practice, I managed to pull of the economy blast technique at 180bpm. After the first few bars, I get stiff and start losing the snare (too fast, too slow sometimes). I'm pushing my limit at the moment. How can I get more relaxed while playing this stuff?
  19. J

    Current drumming sucks

    My feet and hands are off, practice feels like a chore and generally I'd like to just take a break that's probably too long. WTF is going on...?
  20. J

    Rudiments in daily practice or something else?

    I established a daily practice routine, but I'm not using rudiments most of the time. My hand technique is limited to single and double stroke rolls at the moment. I'm focusing on bass drum control for both feet and building up my hand technique and endurance for blast beat practice and playing...