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    Cool independance thing

    Try this sucker. r f l f r f l f r l f f l r f f Each F stroke (bass drum) start on right foot and every F after that alternate and vice versa(start on left foot.) One foot players(the cool cats) just use your right foot then try with left foot. Actually the F could be any combination.
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    Remo Fiberskins? still around?

    Just wondering because I remember doing a recording for an original band I was in and the sound we got out of the kick with it was phenomenal. Really Bonham like tone. Are they calfskin replicas? Love to try on my kit a whole set. P.S. Fiberskyn not skin. These would be perfect on highly...
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    Drumming songs that put you in a great mood?

    What songs get the adrenalin flowing? I just listened to LIttle Feat's Hate To Lose Your Lovin' and that song puts me in such a good mood. Actually most LIttle Feat's catalog does that to me. Also The Tubes. Up From The Deep. Haloes. Space Baby. A combination of melody and passionate...
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    And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps..

    Barriemore Barlow. WTF does he do in this song? Drives me crazy every time I hear it. He is one of those drummers that puts out curve balls and completely flumoxes me. The most underatted drummer in rock imho. I'd love a chart of this song to see what the eff he is doing. Even the start,he...
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    Drummers personal practice bible

    Was wondering you know if you took a page out of all the great drumming books,what would they be? You know one for stick control,one for linear beats,jazz,funk,polyrhythms and rock. If you took the best page out of each book,say it comes to 10 pages than use that as a daily reference instead...
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    LLLL - getting them fast

    How do I get these fast? I cramp up when I try to do these fast. I think it might be more Moellor(bah bloody Moellor) trickery I need to practice. Anyone have a Moellor workout they'd like to share with metronome settings etc.? I'm doing RRR RRR RRR RRR then to LLL LLL LLL LLL atm. Adding...
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    Stick trad grip left hand slip sliding away

    The stick in my left hand using trad grip moves a little till I get near the buttend every hit I make. Why?
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    The black dog when practicing

    Anyone get really down on themselves when practicing? I know I do. Anyone know how to combat that? I tried stick twirling and can't do it. I'm just unco with that sorta stuff and I'm 6' 3" which makes it harder for me. I find most of the best drummers are short. Must have better balance and...