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    Saluda Decacence

    Has anyone played them? I'm particularly interested in the large crashes. What are your thoughts? Thanks!
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    Top five songs you want to learn

    In response to the 10 Songs Every Beginner Should Learn thread, what are the top five songs you want to MASTER? Your stretch goals, if you will. Mine are: "Love is Stronger than Justice" - Sting "Sledgehammer" - Peter Gabriel "Spread Your Fire" - Angra "Space Boogie" - Jeff Beck "Lowdown" -...
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    Need help recording

    My computer is tolling its own death knells and I can't find my Cubase disc. We want to do a quick and dirty demo and I'm wondering if my FirePod will work with GarageBand. Does anyone have experience with using this device and program together? What should I watch for? Also, I've always used...
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    Queensryche snare drum?

    Hey All, Could anyone tell me what drum Rockenfield used on Mindcrime and Empire? I've always loved that snare.
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    Pearl ICON rack for sale

    Hi, I have a three curved bar ICON rack. 10-12 clamps - assorted black clamps, straight ICON clamps, and tilting clamps Boom arm holders in all the uprights (two Pearl, two DW) Thinking $350 as it would be REALLY spendy to put all this together (the boom holders are $100 alone). What do you...
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    Tempus Drums - semi-reply to Timmdrum

    This is a reply about a Tempus Drums question posed by Timmdrum on another thread. So I don't hi-jack the existing thread, I'm starting this one. I've owned my Tempus drums for about four years now and I love them. They have all the volume of good wood drums, but the similarities end there...
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    Do you have integrity?!? Cover band related...

    Hi All, I'm starting a new cover band. Before I do this I always look into local competition and who is working the most to see if I can fill a void. I've set on doing 80's and 90's hip hop, rap, and R&B because there is a complete dearth of BANDS that do this, the popularity of the music in...
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    Is there a classifides section here? Snare for sale

    Hi All, Is there a classifides secion on Drummerworld? I have a 6x13 DW Edge Craviatto I'm looking to sell. $600+$30 shipping for drum plus Humes and Berg hardcase. I have pics I can post once I know where to post it. It sounds like Zeus on steroids and I hate to see it go, but I need to...