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    Single microphone or EAD10?

    I'm in the market for an easy way to record my playing, mostly as a practice tool and for the occasional Instagram upload. The EAD10 is the first thing that comes to mind, it easy to set up, powerful and well-tested as far as I can tell. Then there are microphones like the AT2020USBi...
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    Black Beauty alternative

    I'm in the market for a 6,5x14 (or let's say deeper than 5,5) BN over Brass snare drum. Yes, the Black Beauty shell is seamless and sounds amazing, but: - it is prohibitively expensive, at least in Europe (1000 Euros with no secondary market to speak of) - strainer and heads are mediochre at...
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    2 questions regarding e-drums

    I'm currently in the market for an affordable e-kit to practice in my appartment. I own a big accoustic kit and the e-kit would be really just for practicing when I can't get to my "real" drumset. 1. Am I correct in assuming, that most modules like TD-11 and below (and comparable from Yamaha...
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    Danny Carey Signature Sticks

    Anyone here who can tell me how thick the stick is at the "grip" part? Is it 1.6cm where you grip it or at the rest of the stick? I like the idea of having a heavier stick without the thickness that usually comes with that. Thank you!
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    Promark stick length

    I'm in the midst of testing different sticks and am having a closer look on Promark's website. While I'm scrolling through their offerings I recognize that basically every stick has a from/to length specification?! WTF? Is Promark that inconsistent? Do the sticks grow when rubbed the right way...
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    Good X-hat mount

    Hello, hope you guys can help me once again! I'm searching a new X-hat mount and it should have the following attributes: - boom arm as long as possible - needs to be sturdy (heavy 15" hats on a long boom arm...) - a non-threaded portion where the cymbals sit. Unfortunately this is the part...
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    Hip Hop Snare

    What snare would you choose for oldschool hip hop, Roots stuff? Or what would you say is THE hiphop snare/sound? Yamaha SD 493? Any remcommendations or sleepers I might not be aware of? Edit: I already have a fat and meaty snare drum, looking for something like Questlove on 'The Seed'.
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    Microphone/Recorder for practice recording

    I'm searching for a decent mic to record myself practicing. Easy to use, decent sound quality, preferably not more than 200€/$. With no real idea of what makes a good mic and so many seemingly decent offerings I feel a bit lost...
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    Black coated reso heads

    Hi there I was looking for coated single-ply heads as my tom resos and the only black ones I could find were Remo Ambassador Suede. Evans has of course coated G1s, but not in black. Question: Are the Suedes really coated? Or is it some totally different technique and if so, does it come...
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    Solid Drums from Switzerland

    If you are interested in high quality European stave drums from the country that brought us Paiste, look here! Amazing craftmanship... Short documentary: Modern Drummer review: Website:
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    THE rock and metal snare

    What is for you guys THE rock and metal snare drum? If you could only own one and money is no object, of course.
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    Minneapolis St Paul drum shop

    After the community helped me to find excellent drum shops in Tokyo, what about the twin cities? Any recommendations? I'd like to see a nice cymbal and snare drum selection. Thanks in advance!
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    Tama Starphonic Limited Edition "Meinl"

    Hello Anyone of you who had the chance to play the 2 limited edition Tama Starphonic Snares for Meinl's 60th anniversary? How does the cymbal bronze snare compare to the other metal drums from the same series? And how close is the wooden one to the regular maple Starphonic? Thanks in advance!
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    Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid vs. Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch

    Let me start by saying that I like both of these shells a lot, from the tone to their looks. As I can't really decide between these two kits, I'm hoping for some "objective" reasons/opinions two purchase one or the other (also, I can't afford this kind of investment right now, I have some time...
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    Tokyo drum shops

    Hello guys, hope you can help me here! I'm in Tokyo in a couple weeks and since a lot of Japanese companies produce great drums I want to visit a few drum shops over there, preferably with a nice selection of snares. Any recommendation?
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    Heads for Pearl Vision

    Hi guys, hope you can help me here. I just bought a Pearl Vision that stood in a basement for a couple years, because a teenager gave up drumming after a few months. I guess it is about 10 years old and still has the stock heads (Pearl Protone, basically untouched. 2 ply, maybe even hydraulics...
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    Direct Link Double Bass Pedal - but which one?

    Hello Coming from a Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide, I'm searching for a DL Double Bass Pedal that must be available as a lefty version! I know that there is the Pearl P-3002DL, but that's about it, at least when it comes half way reasonably prized options. Note that I'm located in Germany, but...
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    Paiste Cymbal Cleaner gone?

    Hey folks Over here in Europe (Germany, to be precise) there is no way of getting Paiste Cymbal Cleaner, no drum shop, no Amazon, no nothing. Is it the same anywhere else? Any idea why?