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    What do you use to record yourself?

    I tried my iPhone but that sounded like hell. I also use it to play along with tunes and metronome so it won’t work in the long run. I don’t want a mic setup that I have to record using a computer, too much effort for recording a practice session. So what works for you all? Thanks
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    Getting things up to speed

    So I have been working on some songs and exercises for a while now. One song for about 2 months. I still have not got them to full speed yet, meaning the tempo of the song on the record. What kind of system do you all use? How long does it usually take (i know this will vary greatly, but just...
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    trying to decide on a Nord Drum 3P

    Totally new to electronic drums. I am going to get some sort of multi-pad. I LOVE the sounds of the 3p, by far my favorite. However, it is lacking some features like sampling, looping, loading additional sounds and such when compared to the SPD-SX and Multi-12. Could these limitations be...
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    Dtx m12 looping?

    I browsed the m12 manual but I am unclear on whether or not it can record and sample and play it back. Meaning if I pay a pattern on th pads can it play it back and loop it? If not what would I need to do that? I am new to electronics such as this. Thanks
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    iPad app that mimics drum pads?

    Has anyone found an iPad app that mimics a Yamaha Dax multi 12 or Roland spd sx? Of course I don't expect to bash my iPad with a drumstick but fingers would probably work. Thanks
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    Portable Recorder recommendations

    I am looking into a portable recorder (such as the Zooms and Tascams) to record my practicing. There are a ton of them out there and I am would like some feedback on what you all use and how you like it. Thanks!
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    Frustrated by lack of consistency

    I decided to record myself playing to a track I thought I knew well. When I listened back I noticed various hiccups or glitches in my playing. Things I didn't really notice before recording. Given how many times I have played this song I feel I should be playing it near perfect and consistent...
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    Post your practice routine...

    I would like to start a thread with drummers willing to post their practice routines. I am always interested to hear how different musicians put together their routines. Mine currently is Snare: One Column of Stick Control A Stick Control-like routine for triplets One solo from the Wilcoxin...