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    Outboard gear for recording.

    This, in some ways, is related to drumming, and not related to drumming at the same time. I just am wondering about using outboard gear versus using plug-ins in a DAW. Specifically using a compressor and EQ in your signal path when recording. Is there advantages to doing this? Are there any...
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    Question about mystery drums in this video! What are those main drums that Portnoy are playing on? Are they dunduns? Because I really want to add that sound to my percussion set-up!
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    DIY Cajon

    So...I am going to be possibly playing in a folk band soon and I need to expand on my percussive selection. I want to add a cajon to my setup and I want to make one to save $$. I was just wondering the types of wood that would be best for it. In my mind, I want a warm tone with good punch...
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    Recording Gear

    Ok, I know this is not a question about drum gear....but I figure some people here have experience with this. Basically put, I need a mic that will record amps, acoustic guitar, vocals, drums, and woodwind/brass instruments. Ive whittled it down to either the Sure SM57, or the Senheiser MK4...
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    Until it Sleeps snare

    Im not that much into Lars' drumming, but Ive always wondered how does he do that one handed roll on Until It Sleeps on the S&M dvd? It seems like a very unorthodox way to pull off a one handed roll and ontop of that it sounds kinda sloppy yet so cool at the same time. Any ideas?
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    Big update

    Hello peoples. I know that I havent been on here in a year or two, so its about time I start posting again. The past few years have been insane. Back in 2010/2011 I spent 11 months doing missionary work with my church. After that in late 2011 I messed my back up working at a local window...
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    Logic Pro won't recognize sound?

    Ok. I got a problem with my new recording gear. Im using a mac book pro with logic, an M-Audio Fast Track C600 audio interface. I got sound coming out of my monitors and the drivers recognize the interface. I open the mixer for the interface and it works fine, I can audio get playback from...
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    Free Plug-in drum sounds for garageband

    I figure this IS drum related, lol. Im really getting into writing music on garageband, never thought I would, but I LOVE IT! So much fun. Listening to alot of music to get inspired. Anyways, problem is, the drums on garageband are sooo limited. Ive already dished out some money to get NI...
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    Questions about Boss BR-800 drivers

    So. Ive got my mac book today and was so excited to get my BR-800 working with it. First let down I had was when I found out that Sonar wont work on Mac......second, I have tried everything I know i could try to get Garageband to recognize something other than just the built in speakers in the...
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    Finally building a studio! Need help on gear

    Ok, so I got everything i need for the room itself. Got alot of new drum gear already, BUT!, im looking at recording gear. I was thinknig, rather than getting a mixer and an audio interface, Id just got for the boss br-800 and use that as the interface and since it comes with Cakewalk Sonar...
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    By-laws...and noise.......really???

    City of Chilliwack Bylaw Information Guide NOISE CONTROL No person shall make, or cause or allow to be made, in or on a highway or elsewhere in the City, any noise or sound which disturbs or tends to disturb the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment, comfort or convenience of the public, neighbourhood...
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    Awesome up-dates

    Sooo!!! I have been so busy. Picked up two gigs for the local Chilliwack Gospel Blues Fest. One with a new local artist nammed James Ponak and another with a well known blues artist nammed Steve Delimar. Been wood-sheding for the past two weeks getting the tunes down. Going on stage at 12pm on...
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    New Sonor Snare

    Sonor Force Birch snare drum. 14x6 It sounds awesome!!! Has alot of diffrent tone characteristics to it, but ml probably most likley gonna be putting on a Genera Dry to use it at my church for just a good bad ass rock snare.
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    Cold feet, or change of heart?

    So, as you all know the past while I’ve been working on my audish for the Musicians Institute. Things were going good right up until I got the musicians together that I would be using (its actually only 1..), I started to have doubts about if I really wanted to go this direction in life. I’ve...
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    My gear

    Figure id show my guitar stuff too. The set-ups are a result of 11 years of experementing. I play open left handed, but right footed.
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    Eddie and the Cruisers II. Eddie Lives!!

    ...what a crappy movie............ Anyone ever had the chance to see it? Its from like 1989 and its the 2nd part of a series about a dude name Eddie who everyone thinks dies at the end of P1 but then hes still alive in the 2nd part under a diffrent name. and FINALLY at the very end of the move...
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    So, im sure this has been brought up 10000000 times over, but..... I am going to be putting in my audsih to Musicians Institute in LA. Anyone been there, or will be? What can I do that will give me an edge to my audish vid that i will be putting in? Is it really hard to make it in the...
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    Getting the old metal band together again.......

    Crazy thing, my old band mate found a bass player who wants to make a metal band............he asked me to drum. Cool idea, only I havent played metal since high school. Been focusing on funk and rock more...but none the less, i got my metla kit back up again and I sound alright. Gotta get my...
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    Concerts that surpised you as to how good the band was

    Simply asking what concerts that ya'll have been to where you didnt have high expectaions of the bands (opening, or headlining), but left very surpired as to how great they were. I have two. Back in 2007 I went to see DT at the Orpheum in Vancouver during they Systematic Chaos tour. The bands...
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    L&Q are slowwwwww

    I gotta say, Ive been w8ing on a Sonor snare for months now. I pulled out my receipt to actualy see the date I ordered it and it was JANUARY 21!!!!!!!!!!! @_@. Im still w8ing and they still got my deposit for the thing. I mean, its not even a custom snare. Its a Force Essensial birch 14x6.5. Im...