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    Dire Straits 'Calling Elvis' with Noble & Cooley/Istanbul Agop content

    Love it, though all I can see is a disembodied head and two hands....
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    Vintage Pearl MX1982 value/quality?

    Never found it an issue and still don't. I'm only 6ft and play a Sonor Phonic Plus 22" BD with the square toms, and basically the same tom mount design.
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    Vintage Pearl MX1982 value/quality?

    Very good drums and that price is a bit of a steal really. I don't have any issues with the tom sizes.
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    Warped Hoops

    If it's the top hoop that is warped then it can be replaced very cheaply.
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    Chrissy Lee, extremely talented jazz drummer from the UK and from well before female drummers were even really a thing.
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    Phil Rudd's Views on Click Tracks

    He's recorded with his own band, granted it's similar music but with different musicians (it's not that great an album to be honest!).
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    Phil Rudd's Views on Click Tracks

    And if you listen to Hell Ain't A Bad Place to Be the tuning is very obvious, as the guitars aren't even nearly in tune with each other or themselves!
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    5 Drums in 1: Zikit System w/British Drum Co. Snare

    It's a solution desperately in search of a problem...
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    Sonor Signature snare

    It'll have a c1mm rolled and welded shell. I've got a SY1406, which is the 6 inch deep version. Beautiful drums but not worth as much as the Ferro-Mang steel or beech/birch wood Signature drums.
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    Need help to ID old Premier Drum set

    Only a couple of bits, the main hardware differs, it's just some random bits. Worth noting as well that the original Yamaha Power V kit with the rubber bits on the tom mount and BD spurs is actually an APK in a slightly different frock and one inch shallower toms.
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    Need help to ID old Premier Drum set

    We're kind of both right; the last 1006 catalogue appearance is 1987 as it was superseded as soon as the long lug APK/XPKs arrived by the 1026.
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    Need help to ID old Premier Drum set

    There are some interesting Yamaha bits on Premier kits of the era. The 3000/4000 cymbal stands are a good example of this. They're Yamaha cymbal stands but with Premier specific legs. The bottom assembly of APK/XPK/Projector etc of that period bass drum spur is also shared with the Yamaha 8000...
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    Need help to ID old Premier Drum set

    They are the originals, they look like Yamaha ones as they first appeared when Yamaha owned Premier. A lot (though by no means all) of the kit hardware was derived from Yamaha stuff.
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    Need help to ID old Premier Drum set

    That's a mid 80's drum from lugs and badge, a 1006 from the original version of the APK, which had split speedboat lugs. Nice drums.
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    Article - Carmine dishes on getting fired from Ozzy's band.

    Agreed, Sharon is likely the only reason Ozzy's stayed alive long enough to have a legacy beyond BS.
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    Sleishman Drums

    Slight thread resurrection..... he did a few years ago. He used a full kit. He still uses the bass drum with whatever toms he's endorsing even now sometimes.
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    Premier Royale

    You're correct, they normally came with a 1005 snare drum (contemporary split lugged APKs had a 6.5 1006), that changed when Royale properly changed to APK and the long lugs came in, when the 1026 was the standard snare.
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    Phil Spector Dies...

    Schizophrenia has been known and well understood as an illness, including being diagnosed, since the 1890s. It's not a modern discovery. Pharmaceutical remedies have been available since 1950, when chlorpromazine appeared.. Bipolar disorder has been known and understood in terms of diagnosis...
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    Got my new Sonor SQ1's today....Meh..

    All drum companies have issues occasionally. The Pearl forum used to have some very long tales of woe from Masterworks customers who'd received stuff that wasn't up to snuff, alongside the people who were very happy with their kits. Gretsch also have some 'interesting' QC problems occasionally...
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    Help with lug replacement for 1980 Tama 8055 Mastercraft steel 5x14 snare, Imperialstar on badge

    Where are you? I'm in the UK and I'm fairly sure I have 5 or 6 of them in a jar at home, complete with mounting screws and spacers and all in good condition as they haven't been on a drum in 20yrs.