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    Open Mic Nights - How To?

    I live in central ny, to be honest here almost all open mics locally show a very low awareness for drummers... most of the host bands expect you to know their songs and show little attemp to or interest in others. It mostly comes down to the behavior of the individuals and thier own private...
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    State your unpopular drumming opinions

    I have been always interested in what is a American Master and disagreed with some points. Natural talent, or learned. A drummers brain activity has been proven to be quite different to others , which adds to the talent or learned as well the question of motor control to articulation being...
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    Open Mic NIght...A scary thing

    Mayo Daisy's remarks are the exception and welcomes that most open mics when having professional hosting and understanding that the "OM" is not about them but the venue. if the venue is happy the musicians hosting are happy and work to keep it that way. I have been to many open mics in the...
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    State your unpopular drumming opinions

    i find that with age comes wisdom, working with different drumsets they all have there unique qualities
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    believe it or not , 2 different open mics

    i happend to be at two open mics, sunday 6 oct 2019 one in the afternoon one in the evening. the afternoon was more progreesive with no guide lines just pick a tune and play, so i was asked what to play and i chose "mary had a little lamb", the players pulled out here tablets, looked it up and...