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    What's better

    I like playing for fun and working at getting better all the time. I don't get down on my self unless I hear a recording and think that sound sucks! I hate it when people post phone recording online that sound like a butt dial! I know I'll never be as good as some of the master drummers out...
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    just getting back into to drumming after looooong hiatus

    Maple has a slightly warmer sound.. meaning a bit fuller, rounder, or thoomy (if that's a word Lol..) Birch is a bit dryer with focused projection but also sounds awesome.. Both work - I like both. A good drum is a good drum.. there are all kinds of exotic woods out there now too.. but I'd...
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    Getting "that" snare sound

    Yes .. you want a drum based on what he said.. he checks all the boxes. For tuning a snare drum.. I find the key thing (apart from all the basics of tuning properly) is getting the drum in 'the goldilocks zone' where the pitch and tone is high enough that give a nice crack to cut through and...
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    just getting back into to drumming after looooong hiatus

    I'd go either Sonor, Tama or Yamaha.. they all make great quality kits at reasonable prices (ahem DW..!), solid hardware, and sound great. I find Evans G2 batter/G1 reso clears on toms always sound great on either maple or birch.
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    Not a drummer just the mother of one with an Ayotte Kit in her closet.

    Ah you're just shipping - I thought you were also selling the kit.. e-transfer = electronic bank transfer
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    Not a drummer just the mother of one with an Ayotte Kit in her closet.

    If there's a brick's n mortar drum shop near you.. see if they can do a deal for you to ship it. They are pros in shipping stuff and can handle the transaction securely. Don't rely on an e-transfer - not safe unless you know the person on the other end.
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    How Perfect Is Perfect Timing?

    Great question! Perfect time is something I've thought about for years.. starting back in the 80s or 90's when I read an MD interview with a famous drummer talking in a restaurant and the drummer (can't remember who.. maybe Jake Hanna from Merv Griffin band) demonstrated something by tapping his...
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    Udrilled,virgin base drum pros&cons

    Well.. Carpet is not an issue as my kicks dont touch the floor. The pedal is on thr rim..and the spurs and lugs are a constant. So comparing the mount and tom weight sitting on the shell compared to nothing is the issue. Again.. I think the difference is minimal sonically.. Its more about the...
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    Udrilled,virgin base drum pros&cons

    Buns away.. For live playing.. Once the kick is mic'd, dampened, mixed and put through a PA .. The audience would have a hard time noticing the difference - compared to the same kick mounted.
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    Udrilled,virgin base drum pros&cons

    Having tried all kinds of configurations.. all I can say is: - negligible difference in sound either way - virgin looks cool and sliding it into a case is a breeze as there is no mount to get caught. Also not relying on a mount allows more flexibility in positioning using a stand (s). Stand...
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    Stage Banner

    I know a guy.. who emailed their band name and logo to some place in Vietnam.. and it came back perfectly in a week. It only cost $25! It was on a big white fabric sheet... I was amazed. I don't think you can even buy a sheet that big here for $25.
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    Neil Peart isolated drum tracks

    Came across this today.. very cool! It shows five Youtube videos of Neil with a guide track (waay in the background).
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    Ian Paice reacts to Yoyoka Soma Burn -- Deep Purple

    Awesome! Seen her before on a number of videos.. pretty incredible.
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    Online jamming in real time

    Yes Jacktrip was the other one I read about.. but I thought it was a subscription service. For those that are philosophically opposed to jamming online.. well compared to not jamming at all for 6 months in real time due to Covid.. I'll just say that ya it sucks.. but it's better than doing...
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    Drum notation

    Odd..never seen that one before. The solid note on that line can represent a high tom.. and the circle around the note is sometimes used to show a bell of a ride cymbal - but with an 'x' inside. I've seen the circle around an 'x' to indicate an open hihat.. but also as a small 'o' above the note...
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    Online jamming in real time

    Yes latency is of course the biggest issue.. there are a few apps out there that follow the same approach to get around the latency issue. Some are paid subscription services - but Jamulus is open source.. the apps requires a few things: - a direct hardwired connection to the internet eg. a...
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    Online jamming in real time

    As we may be getting cabin fever soon.. One of my bands tried remote recording using Bandlab.. Pretty cool and it works if you have band members who are tech savy. You have to lay down a solid bed track.. And then everyone listens to it on headphones and records there part and uploads it. The...
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    Danny Seraphine

    If it wasn't for Danny Seraphine (and Ian Paice) I probably wouldn't still be playing drums - going on 45+ years now! Dan's the man...!
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    Sonor 3000 or Tama Granstar?

    I'd keep looking.. those toms are huge on both kits. Unless you prefer lugging giant drums and being hidden behind the kit.. also the stretch from the snare to the high toms is not ergonomic. Power toms had their day.. they can record beautifully.. but there are better more compact options out...
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    What do y'all think about the Tama mini cocktail kit?

    Hard to tell.. is that phone video sound or quality room mics? Kick sounded a bit thin and snare was okay.. nice form factor esp. for small clubs.. might be good if tuned properly. Sonor makes a great sounding mini kit also. But that bass player..! Wow!