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    Neil Peart isolated drum tracks

    Came across this today.. very cool! It shows five Youtube videos of Neil with a guide track (waay in the background).
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    Online jamming in real time

    As we may be getting cabin fever soon.. One of my bands tried remote recording using Bandlab.. Pretty cool and it works if you have band members who are tech savy. You have to lay down a solid bed track.. And then everyone listens to it on headphones and records there part and uploads it. The...
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    David Byrne American Utopia

    I was always a big fan of Talking Heads.. but kind of lost interest over the years. Watched David Byrnes American Utopia on HBO .. Fantastic! I never thought a kind of small dancing-drumming marching band could sound so good! Some very heavy grooves.. the timing and the sound is mind blowing.. a...
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    Do phone videos treat drums as noise?

    I’ve often wondered why phone videos of live performances hammer the sound of the drums.. in most cases the drums are pushed low in the mix, the snare sounds dead and the cymbals sound mushed into a tinny ball! I have a theory but not sure.. I was looking at a video a friend shot from a Recent...
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    Jim Chapin video

    Wow - just stumbled onto a 1 hour video with Moeller grand master Jim Chapin: - Speed, Power, Control, Endurance Instructional Video
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    Old Dominion

    My rant for the day.. been checking these guys out since their first album. (all their albums are on Youtube) - their last album (self-titled) is their best yet. These guys are the tightest band on the planet IMHO.. like the Steely Dan of country music.
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    Bonham recording technique

    First - thanks to DrummerWorld for the best drum forum out there - which allows inline posting of videos so you never have to leave the site. In any case, here's a cool video explaining the Glyn Johns technique he pioneered recording Led Zepplin, the Who and others using his 3-mic technique...
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    Larnell Lewis - master class

    Fantastic lesson by incredible drummer Larnell Lewis: I do a lot of these kinds of kick substitutions in fills - but Larnell breaks it down and shows a ton of really cool variations. I think Larnell is at the top of the heap in terms of my favorite drummers right now.. just an amazing player!
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    Cymbals mounted on tom stands?

    I've been trying this out on a few gigs with a Tama Starclassic kit that came with this setup. So far I've found it's really time consuming to setup as the cymbal and tom adjustments are a PITA.. even with memory lock the overall positioning gets lost when I tear down.. so it's like starting...
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    Removable double tom holder/ mount?

    Was I seeing things or does this really exist? A while back I was looking at DW Collectors online and I swore I saw pictures of a virgin kick and another picture of the same kick with a double mount on it. Then a 3rd pic of just the tom mount hardware lying on the floor. It looked like a big...
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    Wow - trad grip still works!

    I switched to matched grip about 30 years ago.. After learning and playing trad grip since I was 12! So the other night i'm learning a rock opera from the early 70s... and I tried copping the feel using trad grip. I was amazed that it felt as comfortable and fluid - like i never stopped using it...
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    Killer band and drummer

    Snarky Puppy - drum solo around 5:00
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    A loud acoustic hand clap with sticks

    You know those tunes that require a loud endless handclap (usually for acapella songs) - I found a great way of doing this without resorting to a phony e-pad sound or smacking my hands into a mic until they fall off. I know some drummers flam a cross-stick on a snare - but I hate that sound. So...
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    Which kit? Renowns vs. Recording Customs vs. Collectors vs. Starclassics

    Looking at a couple of kits. Both have awesome looking finishes... so it comes down to sound and configuration. The Gretsch Renowns are 10 x7,12 x8,16 x14 with 22 x18"kick - 7 ply maple with “302” hoops The Yamaha Recording Customs are 8,10,12,14 with 20" kick - including hard cases (about $600...
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    Drum kit ratings by brand

    I'm looking at picking up another kit - this time my ultimate 'forever' kit Lol (just like the other ones!) I'm taking my time and really researching the market. I have very specific requirements in mind.. but I was wondering if anyone has come across an up to date list of ratings or ranking of...
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    Hearing drums through the FOH speakers

    Just occurred to me a way to soundcheck the sound engineer.. - on my next gig I'm going to try setting up my Zoom recording device at the board during our soundcheck - so I can hear how the drums sound in the mix before we hit the stage. It captures a fairly accurate sound.. so at least I'll...
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    Stage and live audio production

    This could be a whole category by itself.. but one thing I run into all the time is issues with sound engineers and how they capture the sound of your band - some are great and others are well... really frustrating! The good: - the sound engineer takes time to get a great stage mix, where the...
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    Cymbal toppers

    So Ive been trying out those clip-on cymbal toppers and conclusion - they are great! They could be improved by insetting the quick release buttons to make it harder to accidentally hit it with a stick and send them flying off.. But that's happened twice over a few months. The other thing is i...
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    Tip of the day

    I'm sure we all get these 'why didn't I think of that before??' moments. So here's a recent epiphany: - setup your cymbals to the sides and don't put cymbals directly in front of you Why? From an audience point of view, even a small cymbal mounted on or near your kick blocks the view of the...
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    Your weirdist gig?

    Weird gig.. we've probably all had one.. somehow this came up talking to the soundman on my last gig and it brought back some memories. For example; I was playing a yacht club - and we were supposed to play outside on a patio for a beach party. At loadin time the weather suddenly changed and it...