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    Single microphone or EAD10?

    I've had the EAD10 for about two years and I love it as a practice tool and to make simple home recordings. Used in conjunction with a good set of isolating headphones, you can easily hear your drums and any background tracks you're running through the module to play along to. You can record...
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    New Gretsch Renown '57

    Whether you like the looks of the chevrons or not, many drummers got a great deal when these kits were being blown out at ridiculously low prices to get rid of the remaining inventory. Wait a year or two and you might find the same with this particular finish. I was not a big fan of the chevrons...
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    I've read at least one online review complaining that the tom mount is prone to slippage on the Docking Station rack.
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    Zildjian A391 Set... what cymbal next ?

    I purchased the A391 pack two years ago and followed up with a 17" A medium thin crash that fits nicely into the mix. At some point I'd like to add a china cymbal but otherwise, what I have right now covers all bases.
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    Are Solid-Shell Snares worth the money?

    I purchased a Craviotto Johnny C snare impulsively just after his passing. I did so because I was able to get it new for just under $500, which seemed like a worthwhile gamble given that I didn't have a chance to try it out beforehand. It immediately became my "go to" workhorse snare. It's...
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    Why Is Yamaha Dropping DTX 900, 700 & 500 Series?

    I was told that retail owners received a letter from Yamaha over the summer indicating that a new line would be coming out to replace the rather dated DTX kits. Only time will tell.
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    Had a blast with the aluminum & maple INDe WaFarer drum sets

    What is the reason for the "jagged" riveted seams on the aluminum shells? Is it strictly aesthetic or is there something more function behind this design?
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    Gibraltar Docking Station

    When this first came out, I dismissed it as a massive and over-engineered piece of hardware that wasn't as flexible as having individual stands. However, after seeing some of the videos I can see where this would offer a nice clean and compact set-up if using a single rack tom and no more than 2...
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    Ludwig Bronze Beauty 2020

    I may be wrong but I think they're available only in Europe at this time as a limited edition snare.
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    What's a piece of drum gear that you like the IDEA of having it, but you have reservations or simply no use for it?

    I would love to try out a Roland Handsonic or Zendrum for a few days.
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    EAD10 use in daily practice

    I continue to enjoy using my EAD10 for practice at home, and have recently gotten into making recordings playing along to drumless tracks. I'm curious if any users here have added external triggers, either for the snare or toms? Is it worth doing? I'm thinking that it might be cool to mix in a...
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    Free-Floating Shell Replacements (Bronze, Brass, etc.)

    You can email him directly from the Oriollo website. He's very good at responding to product inquiries.
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    8 or 10-lug for indie pop/rock, fusion?

    I have a 10 lug 6.5x14 maple Craviotto. I can't say enough about this drum. It's very sensitive, has a great tuning range, and no harsh overtones. It also produces an amazing rim click. It's the best workhorse snare I've owned.
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    New Favorite Snare: INDe Kalamazoo Series Oxidized Bronze 14x6.5"

    Talk about a versatile snare! I just wish I could embrace the riveted shell more. It reminds me of Ludwig's riveted wraps during their dark period, even though I realize that they serve a very different purpose on the INDe snare.
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    Want your input on steel snare drums.....

    I've been wanting to get a piccolo snare drum and keep seeing the imported Ludwig 3x13 steel shell snare for under $85 in my online searches. Seems like it might be worth a try for the price.
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    Snare drum boom stand

    I looked into this particular Taye stand a few years ago for an auxiliary snare. The reviews I read were mixed. Some complained that the ball and socket mechanism was prone to slipping. I would think that the stand would become unstable with the boom fully extended, especially if your snare has...
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    Yamaha Club Custom Owners...

    I'm amazed how many people like the bright swirl finishes on these kits. I understand that it was a labor intensive process to create but I'd much rather have one of the more subdued dark wood or black wood finishes.
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    Some Ringo grooves on a 64 Black Oyster Ludwig

    That would've been my guess. Thanks for confirming.
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    Some Ringo grooves on a 64 Black Oyster Ludwig

    Those drums sound as good as they look! What heads are you using on the toms?
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    Leland Sklar....The best ever

    He did a great one featuring Simon Phillips on June 11th. He also rattled off a list of drummers he played with that would make your jaw drop. His appreciation of great drummers is a breath of fresh air.