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  1. StickIt

    Jenkins-Martin Drum Company

    I know that Bermuda and Mendozart have had some favorable(?) experiences with these guys. I've been reading what I can find, and they seem to really know what they're doing and have a passion for it. I was wondering if there were any sound/video clips or personal photos of any of these drums...
  2. StickIt

    Early/Mid 90's Swingstar Hardware

    I have a 4-piece (12, 13, 14, 22) Swingstar that is currently my only kit...I bought it used, and it was improperly stored for a few years; the wrap is starting to loosen on the kick and the 13 suspended tom. I am wondering if anyone has an opinion on the grade of hardware used on these kits...
  3. StickIt

    Does "popular" equal "influential"?

    I just posted to a thread, that is still there and probably still in bold letters, asking what the most influential albums of a certain genre of music are, and it got me to thinking (oops). As a musician, I have always delved into the deeper cuts of any artists' albums that I really enjoy, and...
  4. StickIt

    Paul English

    Being that today is Willie Nelson's Birthday, and the fact that I love Willie Nelson, I wanted to see if anyone had anything at all to say about good ol' Paul. I play a lot of western swing and country gigs, and although it started out as a chore to play similar tempos and similar sounding...
  5. StickIt

    The social stigma attached to Metal...

    There are more than a few posts that have struck me as being very direct in attacking/disregarding metal music as a step-child of musical culture. Likewise, there are many posts that advocate it quite strongly. I bet that there is a definite connection to age and musical 'era' there. I am not...
  6. StickIt

    A little S-Hoop History

    I had been under the impression that the "Stick Saver Hoop" was a Slingerland thing. And while this is not an important piece of info at all, I still found it a little interesting... From a 1961 Tama (Actually "Star" which was pre-Tama) Catalog:
  7. StickIt

    New G-Series Pedal from Gibraltar

    Has anyone seen or tried one of these: I just bought a new pedal...but this thing looks like a dream-come-true in a lot of ways!!!
  8. StickIt


    ummm, I found my answer in the FAQ...please delete this thread so that I no longer look like a moron....please? :)
  9. StickIt

    Recommended books - where to start (after some hiatus)?

    Hello all!! I have been visiting this site as a guest for a couple of years now, but have just recently become a member. Mostly because I couldn't think of any questions that haven't already been answered in this forum; what a wealth of knowledge!!! So... I have been playing again for about...