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  1. tryggdahl

    Regal Tip 3B!

    I've found my new favorite stick! Reminds me alot of the AVH model but much shorter and with the nice finish. I think the dimensions are L-16.75 D-.570. A perfect fit. Nice solid shoulder and a round tip, which is a first for me. BTW, is there some sort of graphite rod in these sticks? I noticed...
  2. tryggdahl

    Evans Looking Glass?

    What are these all about? I read Neil Peart used them in the 70's? Are they even still in production? I'm an Aquarian guy but these have my interest.
  3. tryggdahl

    Ludwig 6.5x14 Blacrolite vs 6.5x14 Supraphonic

    I'm really digging the dry, hard crack of a 6 1/2" deep aluminum drum. The question I have is: Is there a huge difference in sound between the Black Sparkle Acrolite 6.5" and the Supraphonic 6.5"? They're both made with a seamless aluminum shell, both have 10 lugs. None of my local stores have...
  4. tryggdahl

    A few snare drum questions (Cozy Powell/Dave Lombaro content)

    Love the solid crack these guys got out of their snares. Cozy, especially on Rainbow Rising and Dave Lombardo on South of Heaven. Dave's snare sound on that cd really pops. Almost like a knocking sound. Does anyone have any info on their choices of snare drums?
  5. tryggdahl

    Paiste RUDE 14" hats @ GC for $150!

    Can't believe it.....brand new 14" hats for more than half off! You can find some steals at GC.
  6. tryggdahl

    16x24 bass drum availability

    I really want a set with 16x24 kicks, what's available? I like maple and birch.
  7. tryggdahl

    What hi-hat did Nigel Olsson use on Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding?

    Love his hi-hat tone on this song. Paiste, Zildjian? 14", 15"?