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  1. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Best music documentaries

    I recently saw Nina Simone's documentary on Netflix and loved loved it. Would love to get immersed in documentaries similar to it. What are your guys recs?
  2. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Upcoming Concerts and Shows

    I figure that everyone here is an avid music lover like myself, so im curious to see which concerts everyone has lined up this year. As for myself, I am going to see Massive Attack at the Palladium and potentially Camp Flog Gnow and The National/Alvvays with the wife. I'm based in LA What...
  3. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Favorite Songs?

    A bit in line with my previous thread, but would love to hear your guys' favorite songs of all time and at the moment. Want to update my spotify list!
  4. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    Our brand new 4-in-1 Brush + Conditioning Pad

    Hi everyone, my name is Paul and I'm the owner of Movement Drum Company We just launched our latest version of the 4-in-1 Practice Pad and I wanted to share with you all. To give back to this awesome community, I created a code for 15% off your entire order: DRUMMERWORLDFORUM15...
  5. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    What are your favorite albums?

    Curious to know what your guys' favorite albums are! Here are some of mine Siamese Dreams - Pumpkins Souvlaki and S/t album by Slowdive Loveless - MBV Disintegration - The Cure Doolittle - Pixies Depression Cherry - Beach House The Queen is Dead - The Smiths I could go on and on :)
  6. Paul_MovementDrumCo

    We just launched our 4-in-1 Practice Pad

    Hi everyone, my name is Paul and I'm the owner of Movement Drum Company. We just launched our 4-in-1 Practice Pad a few months back and we're excited to share our product demo. Here's the URL for it: We wanted to create a versatile practice pad...