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  1. oldskoolsoul

    Who plays drums (?), another one like the thread from mikyok..

    People who own the album or google a lot, are excluded the first 10 replies.. Now, who plays drums on this J.J. Cale track..? Hal Blaine, Jim Keltner, Russ Kunkel, Garry Allen, Hayward Bishop, Kenny Buttrey, Karl Himmel, Jim Karstein or J.J. Cale himself..? My guess would be Jim Keltner btw..
  2. oldskoolsoul

    Unknown drummers with a huge talent..

    I thought to start a thread about hugely talented drummers, who for some reason still have kinda little followers, attention or views on social media or otherwise.. Reason is, by accident i came across this guy on Instagram.. The name..: Dhoruba Shakur.. For some inexplicable reason only like...
  3. oldskoolsoul

    Well, regarding being creative on a small set or not..

    In this case only hi-hat, snare, bass drum and a cymbal.. The guy is really one of the biggest new talents i saw play during the past years.. Very worthwhile to check out all his other videos too btw.. And yes, he overplays a little (bla bla bla), but, i mean, who cares, if you overplay like...
  4. oldskoolsoul

    Is the never ending criticism on the "YT-drummer" always fair..or..maybe not..?

    Edit.. I started this thread because of an edited 'live'-video from Colaiuta and "YT-drummers" who are oft criticized because of that.. On second thought that Colaiuta video is not that relevant.. Just wanted to say, like i said before, that YT is just a medium (just like for example DCI...
  5. oldskoolsoul

    Anyone knows who this is..?

    The drummer i mean.. Not bad at all..:)
  6. oldskoolsoul

    James Brown in top shape, check out..

    For the first time completely on 1 album, the Augusta homecoming show from October 1, 1969.. Amazing concert with also Melvin Parker, Jabo Starks and Clyde Stubblefield in top shape.. Very worthwhile to check out..!
  7. oldskoolsoul

    Weckl with 'Stuff'..

    Not sure if these have been posted here before, but i like his playing here a lot.. Anyone knows if there are more videos from this particular concert or maybe even a complete one..?
  8. oldskoolsoul

    To everyone who thinks that quality gear is NEEDED in order to be motivated to (learn to) play..

    Maybe you should take an example on a guy like this...
  9. oldskoolsoul

    What are your drumming (or musical) mottos in life..?

    With that i am not speaking about just an opinion about something, but about some sort of essential guidelines that you use throughout your musical life.. A few of mine are.. Regarding people i like to play (or hangout) with or not..: * "A little modesty never hurted anyone.." * "There is...
  10. oldskoolsoul

    When taking drumming advice, is someone's "playing level" important or not..?

    I remember someone saying in that unpopular opinion thread that a mediocre player can still give decent drumming advice, or something like that.. I thought thats an interesting statement of which i think that technically the statement is true.. But, in reality, when taking any drumming advice...
  11. oldskoolsoul

    What was Sting thinking with this..???

    Another proof that Sting should have stopped after Ten Summoner's Tales.. Besides the fact that he puts everyone allready more than 25 years to sleep with Ikea elevator music, he now comes up with this.. Really, i admire and respect the man a lot for the work he made during those first 15...
  12. oldskoolsoul

    Historical moment..

    For me at least, because this is the first time since i visited this forum that the number of views from the General Discussion section is actually higher than the number of views from the Drum Gear section.. Useless information, and i have no idea if those numbers are trustworthy, but i...
  13. oldskoolsoul

    Always nice to hear a never released before Porcaro track..

    And for myself a reminder that Toto never was the same again.. Nice track this is..:
  14. oldskoolsoul

    Is this statement about 'hired guns' kinda true or not..?

    I just stumbled upon this quote in another thread earlier and i was wondering about this, since i heard someone say something similar last week..The quote is from 4 years ago, if thats relevant.. But is that true, that lets say the drummer in the live band from Taylor Swift, or any of such...
  15. oldskoolsoul

    The Lost Members Thread..Where is....?

    This thread is about wondering where some members are who havent posted in a while.. I start with Midnite Zephyr.. Anyone any idea where he is..?
  16. oldskoolsoul

    Playing the drumset without sticks..

    Lately i like a lot to just sit a while and play the drumset without using sticks, only hands.. Anyone else also has that..?
  17. oldskoolsoul

    Toto plays Weezer (Hash Pipe)..

    Since i started a thread about Weezer playing Rosanna a while ago, i thought is fair to also post Toto playing Weezer.. I prefer (every) version from Weezer by far though, but maybe there are some people who like to take the opportunity to mention that the song is finally played by people...
  18. oldskoolsoul

    Anyone ever tried this paradiddle-exercise..?

    Since someone started a Charlie Watts-thread, i thought about the following completely unrelated exercise.. Everyone knows the chorus from Satisfaction.. When you would play 16th-notes on the snaredrum and accent that vocal-line, you would get something like this (starting on 'Get No', with...
  19. oldskoolsoul

    Can a very (!) cheap drumset sound ok..?

    No, was my answer a few months ago in a thread here somewhere, and now i saw this.. Maybe most here allready saw this video, since is kinda old, but still.. When you are in a band with a quality soundguy and some decent mics, i would say..: replace some cymbals with this one and think again...
  20. oldskoolsoul

    I kinda hate mash-ups..

    But this one from George Michael vs. Slayer is a little