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  1. Percussionplayer

    Tamaefx Premier Signia

    I picked up another bass drum recently to go along with the ever-expanding monster kit. Shortly after I ordered a hat/bass drum mount. While I waited for it be delivered, I took a Dremel tool to a spare hat stand that I had - removed the rivets holding the legs on. Now the hats are nice and...
  2. Percussionplayer

    Tamaefx Premier Signia

    Saw Andy Parker and UFO open up for Cheap Trick way back in the 80s. UFO was out in support of their latest release "No Place to Run." Andy had that big old double bass white Ludwig drum kit. Been a fan ever since!
  3. Percussionplayer

    Tamaefx Premier Signia

    Absolutely beautiful looking drum kit Tamaefx! Love the hanging floor toms.
  4. Percussionplayer

    Tama Superstar SK Series Project

    I've been spending some time working on a little project involving the Tama Superstar SK Series line, with added percussion. The project has sort of turned into something similar like Captain Ahab's hunt for the notorious famous white whale. One more mounted tom, and two smaller bass drum sizes...
  5. Percussionplayer

    Bobby Chouinard

    Just wondering how many Bobby Chouinard fans there are out there? I was a HUGE fan of his way back in the early 80s, when he was tearing up the music scene & MTV, as part of the Billy Squier band. I was lucky enough to catch him perform a couple of times when he played Philadelphia. A real...
  6. Percussionplayer

    Michael Miley

    One drummer who I have been pretty hot on in recent years, is the Rival Sons Michael Miley. Initially hearing his incredible chops as part of a commercial for the now defunct Fuel TV, I have been happily hooked ever since. As the popularity of the band has steadily increased year after year, so...
  7. Percussionplayer

    Chris Sprague w/Los Straitjackets

    Recently in another post, a fellow forum member (J-Boogie) commented on sometimes surprisingly catching live local performances, and being knocked head-over-heels by the show. That is exactly what happened to me regarding drummer Chris Sprague. Chris, drums for the surf rock band Los...