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  1. Lavistyksia

    Hi-hat upgrade, please help!

    Hey guys, After years playing my old beginner unknown-brand (Magic) hi-hats, I have decided to upgrade them. They are not so shabby but they dont meet the quality I need of them (I've heard a saying some time ago that went something like "your drums will only sound as good as your snare and...
  2. Lavistyksia

    Rehearsing on a Studio

    So guys, I'm not sure how common this is where you live (US or whatever) but in the city I live it's pretty common - that's São Paulo. I have a band and we all live in small apartments, so we can't rehearse at home. We have to rent a studio every week for 2 hours to practice. The problem is...
  3. Lavistyksia

    Rhythm Traveler Suggestions - Head, Cymbals

    Hey guys, First of all, I'm new to this forum (as you can see by my post count *lol*), I'm from Brasil and I've been playing for some time. Actually, I had classes when I was little, then halted playing for a long time (because of college etc) and have restarted a year ago on my own. I like...