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  1. philrudd

    Effect of alcohol on drum practice...?

    I have a shot of Don Julio to begin and have a Fosters by my floor tom throughout every rehearsal or gig. I guess I'm a bit of an anachronism.
  2. philrudd

    The first time I ever broke a piece of hardware...

    Wanna hear something bizarre? When I started out, I broke stuff all the time - cymbals, heads, even hardware. Now, thirty years on, I barely even break sticks anymore. It's crazy, I know! It's almost like I had no idea what I was doing when I started...
  3. philrudd

    When you meet the former drummer of your current band...

    When I first moved to Georgia I joined a band as their second drummer. I listened to the recordings they'd made, and absolutely hated the drumming. I completely ignored it when I started playing those songs; not one member of the band ever complained. (Actually they were complimentary, leading...
  4. philrudd

    Drum shaming..

    I've seen the same ads for the same videos, but I never considered it shaming, or even click bait. I figured it just wasn't marketed to me, specifically; there are so many kinds of drumming, drummers and drum styles, I assume they're targeting someone else - someone who might find the 11/8...
  5. philrudd

    How to be one of the 10 richest drummer at a young age ?

    Everybody's making this WAY to complicated. David, if you want to be the richest drummer in the world, just charge the highest prices for your services. End of story! Can't believe no one else thought of that...
  6. philrudd

    Drummerworld forum mood/climate

    Just once I'd love to read a long rant on this forum that has exactly ZERO political commentary. I can dream, can't I?....
  7. philrudd

    Sting's 2020 Tour - Is Vinnie playing in Sting's band?

    Almost 4 decades after I first saw the footage of that Atlanta still gives me goosebumps to watch and listen. They were on FIRE.
  8. philrudd

    Hating on the Stock Snare

    Interesting, thanks. I used to spend a little more time looking at online snares for sale with 10 lugs, assuming they were inherently higher quality; don't think I'll be doing that any more...
  9. philrudd

    What's ONE piece of gear that made you change the way you play your whole kit?

    Reading the above responses, I'd probably agree with recording and listening back, but when I read 'gear' in the title I was thinking actual drum parts. For that, strangely enough, I'd have to say my hi-hat tambourine. For years I used my right foot (I'm southpaw) very little. I got the...
  10. philrudd

    Hating on the Stock Snare

    Is it me or do 10-lug snares ALWAYS sound great? Do manufacturers only bother with a 10-lug if it's going to be top-of-the-line?
  11. philrudd

    Online music stores "My Rant!"

    Right! The UPS guy was coming my way anyway, why not have him bring it?
  12. philrudd

    Online music stores "My Rant!"

    I'd like to set one thing straight...laziness isn't the only reason to order online. Geography plays a part. There are a significant number of musicians like myself living in rural settings, where there is no 'local' music shop. I have to drive for a minimum of 45 minutes to get to a music...
  13. philrudd

    One less tom/cymbal - stripping down kit

    Honesty is always the best policy: I use a four piece because I wouldn't know what the fuck to do with five. Ok, that's not completely true, but doesn't so much of this back-and-forth have to do with what KIND of music is being played? And I'm not even talking 'genre,' I'm talking band units...
  14. philrudd

    Join A Sub Par Band Just To Get Back Out There?

    I'm going against the grain here...I say do it! Here's why: it worked for me! After I had to leave New Orleans due to Katrina, I found myself in rural GA about an hour from Athens. I was obviously without a band and starting up in a new locale, so I started looking around for drumming...
  15. philrudd

    Finding your own drumming style

    I agree with the sentiments above that it comes around at different times for different drummers. I remember reading separate articles about Ringo Starr and Joey Kramer where each noted the album on which they truly felt they'd evolved their own 'styles' - for Ringo, it was actually a specific...
  16. philrudd

    New Orleans Style Drumming

    Three words for you: 1) ZIG 2) A 3) BOO. So much of what is considered "New Orleans Style Drumming" originated with that man. The only problem with trying to emulate Zigaboo Modeliste is that NO ONE on the planet sounds like him.
  17. philrudd

    "Sweet Caroline"

    I can confirm Georgia. It's a little weird, seems all ages know about this song 'addendum.' But I love Neil Diamond so I don't care.
  18. philrudd

    Bar fights

    I haven't watched SNL in about fifteen years, maybe longer...but that was really funny. "Do you hear that, Alexander Haig?..." Hilarious!
  19. philrudd

    My Playing - The Horror!

    Glad to hear someone else has experienced this... A few years ago I was getting very frustrated with my drumming - didn't like my timekeeping, my groove, etc. etc. I had been listening to a recent recording of my band, and one song in particular just sounded awful to me. The guys I'd been...
  20. philrudd

    Hanging out with bandmates outside of playing

    I do. I don't really have much spare time these days so it's not very often, but I love going and having a beer with the boys after rehearsal. I'd probably hang out with them more often if I wasn't so's really my only social outlet. But I'm lucky, I play with some pretty good fellas...