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  1. AsbaSakae69

    gogo penguin style

    Hi all, I'm gonna audition with a band who turns classic piano and anime into jazz, a bit like go go penguin for example. But to be honest it's not easy at all and I can't play like Rob Turner, or write what he does. Could anyone share scores of a groove or two in that style which I could learn...
  2. AsbaSakae69

    What are TD9 and TD6 worth? vs a brand new TD 1 ?

    Guys, my band wants to acquire a Roland electronic drum for neighbor-friendly rehearsals. Budget is on the low end. I recommend we go for all-mesh but which one? Ideally TD17 but out of reach. We see used TD 9 on the market, or TD 6 KV. What are they worth? Isn't better to buy a brand new TD1...
  3. AsbaSakae69

    Any idea what this cymbal is pls?

    Hi, just captured this picture from a video. Any idea what it is? The rest of the kit seemed to be from Sabian.. Thanks. P