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  1. Dirtcity

    90's Ludwig hardware questions/Single Braced Hardware

    Hey everybody. So recently, I got a new Vistalite kit in Bonham sizes, and it's fantastic. Love everything about it. I am looking now to possibly buy some new hardware. The kit came with a new Ludwig Atlas Pro snare stand, which has replaced my Pearl S-2000 as my main snare stand (I need a...
  2. Dirtcity

    Well, I did it. (incoming NKD)

    I've been on the lookout for a new kit. My main drum set, love of my life, is a 1976 3 ply Ludwig Pro Beat in Bowling Ball Blue Oyster Pearl. (24, 14, 16, 18) To get that kit, I sold my Classic Maple with a 26", and that 26" is the only thing I've missed since getting the '76 kit. On top of...
  3. Dirtcity

    Another "drum cases" thread?! SKB hardware cases

    Hey all! I've recently purchased a full set of SKB cases for my kit. After years of using their cymbal cases and a snare case, I decided I didn't want to move my old Ludwigs in anything but SKB anymore. So with drum cases out of the way, that leaves hardware cases open for debate. I...