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    Origin of the paradiddle and its original use

    There's something I've been wondering for a while now. What is the origin of the paradiddle and what was it's use? As drum-set players we use the paradiddle, and rudiments derived from it to get around the kit in interesting ways and to play interesting rhythms. However, the paradiddle predates...
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    Loud ghost notes (still ghost notes?)

    Hi all I just saw this awesome video of Stanton Moore laying it down. And a video of someone explaining break beats. What do these videos have in common? Loud ghost notes. In...
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    Effect of Hi-hat seat on sound

    The hi-hat stand I use has a perfectly flat seat for the bottom cymbal. I notice that many stands have more of a bowl shaped seat. What's the effect on the sound? I'm asking this because I swear that my hi-hat sounds much tighter on the stand in my practice space, when compared to on my own stand.
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    Need help with brushes (Ed Soph technique)

    Hi all. Been trying to get better at using the brushes. I found a great tutorial on this forum by Ed Soph on how to use brushes ( It left me with two questions. 1) Ed uses a counter clockwise motion. This means that the counts all end up on the same...
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    Playing with a folk group

    I got invited by a friend to a folk jam session. The group plays Irish/French music in waltz and two beat feels (polka!). Good fun and all but me being a contemporary drumkit player I had difficulty finding the groove of things. I just took my snare and played faux marching rythms, though I felt...
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    Playing what you can't hear

    I figured out that my right foot and left hand tend to flam, a lot. I can hear it on recordings and see it on the nifty scope function my Roland kit has. I've been trying to reduce the flams between my left hand and right foot but I have trouble hearing if I'm on the mark or not, whilst I'm...
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    Fixed Hi-Hat vs Moving Hi-Hat

    I've been thinking about buying an electronic kit. I've noticed that one of the factors that influences the price of a kit is the type of hi-hat it has, which can either be fixed or moving. I was wondering how much this influences the feel of the kit.
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    Buying a laptop

    My old desktop rig is about to kick the bucket. Coupled with the fact that I've got some extra cash to spare I was wondering which laptop would be good for: - recording drums - running metronome software - playing music for me to drum along to Note that right now I'd mainly use it for practice...
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    Swinging straight rolls

    In the example here on the notation I see 5 stroke rolls. Tommy tells us that we should play the groove with swing. How should I play the rolls? I have no clue especially because to me it sounds like Tommy is just going nuts on the...
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    How to become a one man latin percussion section

    My band wants to cover Clocks by Coldplay. Specifically they want to cover the mambo/salsa version from the Rhythms del Mundo album. We have no other percussionists. I'm at a loss as to which percussion parts I should try to emulate and which I can...
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    Need help with learning sambas

    My band would like to play some samba covers. Problem is though that my samba skills are close to non existent. I've been working on interdependence for a while now and it's just not coming along. What I'm practicing now is keeping an ostinato going with my right hand and feet and playing...
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    Hi-hat and dynamics

    I recently joined a band and we've made some recordings. They sound pretty good but the hi-hat sounds pretty harsh and is very present even when closed. I felt that I wasn't hitting it particularly hard and my teacher often asks me to hit the hi-hat harder during practice. I wonder if it is...
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    Walk away snare drum

    Weirdest thing ever happened to me last night. I dreamed that someone was playing drums in front of my window. Turns out some drunk kids were actually playing a snare drum outside of my window. My neighbor quickly confiscated the snare and told the kids to leave before it could disturb my sleep...
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    Good free software based metronome?

    I've been looking for a good (preferably free) software based metronome. Is there such a thing? I'm currently using the following website It doesn't have some of the options I would like to have like the abillity to silence it for one measure or more.
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    Origin of the double back beat?

    I was wondering if anyone knew what the origin was of the double back beat (as in snare on 2 and the + of 2).
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    Setting another drummer straight

    I've got a question for the nice folks here at drummerworld. But before I can ask it I'd better given some background info. There's a small student run jam session I frequent and help run. Most muso's who visit are stufents of beginner to intermediate skill level. Most songs that are being...
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    Developing a bad habit

    I've been working on double stroke roll lately and making some good progress. The only problem I have is making it sound even due to a large difference in dynamics between my two hands and I've noticed that my right and left hand make different movements. My right hand makes a push pull like...
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    Interchangable time signatures

    What always confuses me is that so many time signatures appear to be interchangable. Why is 4/4, 4/4? Why isn't it called 1/1 or 2/2 or 8/8 or even 16/16? Isn't a measure of 12/8 just two measures of 6/8 stuck together? When is a beat 5/4 and when is it 5/8? Isn't a slow 16th groove the same...
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    Drumsets that made you cry

    Now there've been plenty of posts on this forum about beginning drummers setting their kits up in weird ways. But today I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about a kit I now play on on a regular basis when jamming at a friends place. I remember the first time I passed by and saw it...
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    Playing using your lower back

    When I play my hi-hat or bass drum I feel that I am using my calf muscles and the muscles in my upper leg. My teacher however tells me that I should use the muscles in the lower part of my back. I asked him how this worked (from a mechanistic point of view). He didn't really know. So now I'm...