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    It's 2019. Perhaps it is time for a secured "https" server, no?.....
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    Reinforced Symbol bag

    ha ! made ya's look! ;-) okay, For gigging, going the extra mile on protection; Who would make a 24" padded cymbal bag on vitamins; that has a hard-type bottom (that would be opposite the handle). Something that would prevent an accidental edge drop where it would normally get damaged. Would I...
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    Practicing at home trying out different tunings

    I have always tried tuning to an arpeggio and have had very good success with this type of note separation between the toms. With my recent *quiet-kit layout (*for practicing at home), the kick drum likes to live at a certain note when played. I am tuning around that. So,now instead of my usual...
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    Been trying out a new tuning

    edit...................delete thanks
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    Sitting at the helm of Pro's

    Some time ago, I have taken good looks at overhead views of Pro drummers and their kits, and realized that (for some) there is an alignment to their symmetry, or layout to each drum from where they sit. The relationship lies between several things. The throne - where you sit. The snare - in...
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    New "quiet" drum kit !

    After some hard thought and a little help from several DW members I think that I may have made a very good decision :-D Contemplated financing e-Drums and with similar funding this was more of a sound choice and conducive to my needs. It is soo great that I can have a full acoustic kit to...
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    26" silent drum head?

    Remo Silentstroke heads offer up to a 24". Where does everyone go to get a 26" silent type bass drum head?
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    Advice for dialing in 'both' heads.

    I have been using coated Emperor's & Ambassador's for the past three years and I think I do a good job tuning these heads with a 26" kit. I have a predetermined pitch that starts with my Snare and then to the single mounted Tom. Then down to both the floor Toms. I have been dialing in the all...
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    Yamaha DTXtreme III Special - What do I need ?

    Yamaha DTXtreme III Special Looking to pick up the lower line of this series without the higher price tag. Which one from this series should I be looking at? • Snare • Kick • Hi Hats • Ride • Crash - two (if possible) • Toms - three (if possible)
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    rear crash cymbals try outs (video)

    Hello drummerworld members :D, I have been hacking away for nearly three and a half years and finally completed my second drum kit. I'm trying to incorporate the newly added rear crash cymbals. I have no technique yet, but after work I decided to build on that and have at it. I will have to...
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    Jeff Porcaro on Studio / Sound Engineers

    (From my alma mater M.I./G.I.T. from P.I.T.) I subscribe to this !:
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    swivel nut replacement sizes

    Looking for the longest shaft swivel nut replacement size for vintage Ludwig classic lugs. Trying to replace the original short shaft. Although have the longer shaft; the original Ludwig swivel nut has a square base and is wide, designed to catch the internal chassis wall to keep it from...
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    GAS & acquisitions

    GAS & acquisitions -In the same length of time as my experience, that is visible by my join date, I am nearing the end of my gatherings, that has taken 3.2 years. Utilizing the same hardware & cymbals for both, this endeavor has left me with two respectable and fulfilling kits. Although...
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    Re-learn snare position

    Buddy Rich plays his hybrid. Both leaning forward and to the right. Waist high Bonham plays tilted back and raised up. I am tall and I badly picked up executing the rimshot and it is three years deep... I like the sound of Bruford's when he uses it, but tend to have my snare at crotch level...
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    Tuning Vistalites

    Big Beats 22 18 16 13 12 6.5 Hi all, I have these tuned up very nice and are sounding huge. My question is; since these are not wood, (and have the consistency of Acrylic) is there a "resonant" pitch. Or, is there an opinion on each individual drum, and where they should be tuned to? I tuned...
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    Paiste hi-hat choice suggstion

    I'd like to pickup a pair of hi-hats that are like my 15" SE's I thought about 14" SE's, but like to go the other direction with 17 SE's since we play Hard Rock-R&R. It seems they would sound like they would fair well with Paiste 22/17/19's. Also since they are heavier, will a DW3000 HH stand be...
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    20" or 22" 2002 Paiste Ride suggestions...

    Paiste 2002 - 20" or 22" To compliment a 6 pc. 22" Ludwig Vistalite Big Beat set that I use for gigging. I play R&R and my Crashes are the newer 17" & 19" Crashes. I was thinking a 20" Ride, but 22" sounds like it might sit nice in the mix with the other cymbals.
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    No, I did not recorded in Jimmy Page's foyer !

    ...but I did stick a phone on top of a garbage can all the way down a hallway. HUGE !
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    Default Re: Paiste - What are the "odds"

    Paiste does not offer a MEDIUM 17" or 19" in the 2002's. Which 2002 series would be of the closer; Crash or Power Crash ?
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    Kick pedal slop

    With all these great designs, I still do not see one that would have guide rails along side the pedal's front toe tip; Vertically (outside the chain walls where the pedal connects to the chain), allowing normal function, having minimal slop East to West. IOW Two, half-inch vertical (square...