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    Material suggestions for practice pad

    I have one of these DW "Go Anywhere" practice kits: The pads are made of a fairly hard material that gives alot of rebound. I'd like to cover them with something that would offer very little rebound, like the moongel practice pads. In...
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    Bose Earbuds

    Has anyone ever used the Bose Noise Cancelling Earbuds as part of an in ear system? I'm wondering how well they isolate and how good the sound will be. Any opinions? Thanks.
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    Small Mixer

    Any suggestions on a reasonably priced 4, 6 or 8 channel mixer that has at least 4 XLR's and insert points for each (so I can run compression on each of the 4 channel's individually)? Thanks!
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    Anyone recognize this?

    Can anyone tell me what model this Iron Cobra is and, perhaps, when they first came out? Thanks!
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    No Respect

    I was reading this article by Chris Chase on where he berates a kicker for calling Tim Tebow one of the worst quarterbacks he's ever seen. All was well until he tried to compare a kicker on a football team with a drummer in a band...essentially call both the "least respected...
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    Small Mixer

    I am currently recording my band with a Zoom R16 and micing my drums using four mics. Since we can only record eight tracks simultaneously, and I am using four of those, I am looking for a solution to reduce my four mics to two, via a small mixer of some sort. Any suggestions?
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    Using a PA

    Beside running drums ad vocals through the PA, do folks mic and run guitar, keys and bass through it as well?
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    Mackie SRM150

    Anyone use the Mackie SRM150 instead of a wedge? Thoughts?
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    Older drum heads

    Am I the only person who prefers the sound of my older, worn-in heads? Every time I change a head it takes awhile before it settles into the sound I like....
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    Mic Stand

    I'm trying to mic my snare and I've been unhappy with the clip I have. Any suggestions for either a mic clip or stand that is fairly unobtrusive but allows for good positioning?
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    In-Ear Monitors

    Any suggestions on a cost effective system? I've never used one before so I'm not sure what's involved. What do I need and what can I expect to pay for a decent system? By decent, I mean good sound quality but not over paying for diminishing returns.
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    Tuning opinion...

    When tuning, do you prefer the batter head or the reso head to be tighter (to get the fundamental note you want)?
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    Can you identify this Acrolite?

    Does anyone know the vintage on this Acrolite? And what would be a reasonable price for this 5x14 in average shape? Thanks!
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    Audio Interface

    Any suggestions on a reasonably priced audio interface? I need at least 10 channels. It's mainly to record my band's rehearsals, but I will also be making demo tapes to get gigs. Thanks!
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    Snare for a $200 budget

    I'm picking up a Sonor Force 3007 and I'm considering not taking the snare that comes with the kit (14 x5) and getting either a new or used snare for @$200. More info: I play mostly rock/pop and I'm looking for something with that cuts and has nice tone.... Thanks for any suggestions!
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    Does anyone have a sheet they can share that has hand-written drum notation? I'd love to see how someone else writes out various beats...16ths, rests, etc. Mine looks like chicken scratch, particularly my quarter note rests! Does anyone have a simple, yet effective method?
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    Double Pedal

    I've been a single pedal guy for 35 years, and I'm debating trying a double pedal. I'm interested in people's thoughts and experience with going to the double pedal. Does it take a long time to get the new foot in the groove? I have decent control on the HH, but mainly for barks and slow to...
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    PDP Concept Pedal

    Has anyone tried it? Thoughts? I saw one in a local shop. Good price point. It has a long board, and while I'm a 8.5 shoe, it seemed to give me some leverage that the shorter boards don't have. Interested in input.... This, or a used DW 5000?
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    Hardware Pack

    I've just joined a second band and I am getting tired of carting my kit all over the place. I'm considering picking up an inexpensive new or used shell pack and purchasing a new hardware pack if the kit doesn't come with appropriate hardware. I would love some suggestions on the biggest bang...
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    Looking for teacher in Boston area....

    Unfortunately, practicing two hours a day on a pad (and moongel pad) has started to take a toll. I'm developing tennis elbow. It's not bad, but I fear it will only get worse if I continue doing what I'm doing. I thought I had good technique. I play loosely with different grips, as the situation...