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    WorldMax 14 x 8 black brass...

    Ludwig has someone else do their seamless shells. For a long time they have.
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    Symmetrical Set Up

    Louie clearly has a hi hat in that setup.
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    New starclassic kit issue.. [Solved]

    That isn't the seam. It is how the veneer is created, a series of panels side by side. You can see it in the pictures of the other kit. In this case the base color of the adjacent panels weren't really close color wise.
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    Converting 5 lug drum to 6 lug

    convert to single flange hoops using claws.
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    Spurs seem suspicious. Color seems a bit odd as well.
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    Grooved hoops

    The design was used decades ago by Zickos and Meazzi.
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    GC Wouldn't Let Me In

    Because many don’t take the vaccine.
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    Why no Motown drummers on Drummerworld?

    At least there is Al Jackson and Clyde Stubblefield.
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    Neil Peart's Ludwigs

    Since he vibrafibed most of his kits is it even possible to attribute a better sound to one brand over another.
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    $100 drum set - I think I did ok

    Run away from those, not worth the price.
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    People with 26" bass drums: WTF do you drive?

    I had one. While somewhat roomy the hatch opening is smaller than others.
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    Terry Bozzio

    Plus Terry is a big Tony Williams fan.
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    Terry Bozzio

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    Terry Bozzio

    That's odd my non musician wife could appreciate the musical foundation of his solo performance.
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    Sonor Ascent 8 piece price help

    Yes I am sure nobody is aware of Sonor and Beech.
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    Hating on the Stock Snare

    So it is no longer a stock snare.
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    Trying to decide which kit to sell

    He already bought it, the Sonor.
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    Slingerland Kit Info

    Found this,
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    Ugly or not?

    Reminds me of bacon.
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    Single headed 1960,'s 16" cocktail drum??

    Picture would help.