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    Preferred rack tom sizes

    I have a 10 x 12 rack tom on my DW Performance series kit currently . Looking to add 2 more to my setup. I have a 20” kick, and 16” floor tom also. I play in a classic rock/ top 40 band. Should I go with 8/ 10/ 12, or 10/12/13 sizes? Curious what you guys think? Go........
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    Looking for pics of setups featuring 10-12-13 rack toms with 20" kick drum

    I am looking for pictures of setups with either 8-10-12" rack Toms with 20"kick or 10-12-13" rack Toms with a 20" kick. I am not sure how the different size Toms will look with a 20" kick.You know, damn symmetry. Thanks guys( and gals!).