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  1. PatrikAlbrecht

    Goatwhore - Beyond the spell of discontent drum cover

    First take on video, although i did run it through a couple of times earlier to memorize the parts. Awesome song from an awesome band.
  2. PatrikAlbrecht

    Some metal drum tracking videos

    So i have been tracking drums for an upcoming ep from Aftermath and thought i'd share 2 videos from the session. 80's influenced metal is the name of the game and a ton of fun to play. All comments are welcome.
  3. PatrikAlbrecht

    Leprous - Contaminate Me drum cover

    Been really into Leprous lately and as i havent recorded anything in a while i thought i'd give it a shot. Found the last song on the album quite approachable and recorded it in one take (well, actually half of it, the song is 9mins in total.)
  4. PatrikAlbrecht

    A couple more metal drum covers

    This is from my old band and not really a drum cover, more of a drum playthrough. Still fun to play after almost 4 years since i last played it. Dirge Eternal - Soul Apart And here is just a death metal thingy : Blood Red Throne - Demand As always seems to be the case, there is atleast one...
  5. PatrikAlbrecht

    Kreator - System Decay drum cover

    Had some fun playing to an excellent kreator tune today and recorded it with my new Phonic Helix board. 8 tracks in and i have really no idea how to mix properly. Still all in good fun :) The tracks tempo lives from 161 to 200bpm and is a great workout for all things metal...
  6. PatrikAlbrecht

    Skeletonwitch - My Skin of Deceit cover

    I find it an excellent practice to just take some song you are vaguely familiar with and try to learn it as fast as possible and record it immediately. So i recorded this. Listened to the song 2 times, practiced for 20 minutes and hit record. A simple and short tune, so not much to learn...
  7. PatrikAlbrecht

    Nevermore - Poison Godmachine cover

    Decided to record this during practice as the song has some great grooves. Great song, great album. Hope you enjoy! Click Here
  8. PatrikAlbrecht

    Bolt Thrower - At first light drum cover

    So i decided to record something as i have got some new toys to play with and decided to roll with Bolt Thrower. As it says in the video description, this was surprisingly hard as the tempo lives quite a bit and impossible to line up a click to the track. So just played along and tried to...
  9. PatrikAlbrecht

    A couple of videos

    Been lurking on this forum since forever and thought to join and give a couple of examples of me playing. All comments are more than welcome! First is Rhett Frazier Inc. - Is That Ok that i found drumless on vic firths website : And the next is just...