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    Remo standard practice pad with silent stroke

    Hi, I currently own a Remo standar practice pad, but as some of you may know, even though it is an excellent pad it is way too loud (specially if you live in an apartment like me). I was very excited to hear that Remo had released a similar pad but with silent stroke heads. My first thought...
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    Kenny Washington best albums

    Hi, What would you say are the best Kenny Washington albums? Both as sideman and as leader. Thanks!!!
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    Rivets on cymbals

    Hi, Currently I'm dedicating exclusively to playing Jazz, so I'm considering adding a few (around 3) rivets to my Avedis Medium 20" to make it more Jazzy :) So I'm looking for some recommendations and opinions from you guys. One of my main concerns (and especially considering that in my...
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    Gretsch Broadkaster vs USA Custom

    Hi, I'm planing to buy a new drum set soon and my two options right now are either a Gretsch Broadkaster or an USA Custom. I've been reading a lot about the two kits but I'm still not sure what's the difference between them having in mind that both are top of the line kits. I found that the...
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    Sabian AA Light Ride 20"

    Hi guys, I'm selling a Mapex Master Brass snare drum and someone offer me a Sabian AA light ride of 20". Apparently this cymbal is from the 80/90 but I haven't found any information in...
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    Mesh heads on drum or e-drum

    Hi, I live in an apartment and as you can imagine practicing can be a challenge sometimes. Currently my practice drum is a Roland TD11KV with all mesh heads. It is great, but I can't get that "real drum" feeling. Also everything sounds great in the e-drum, but when I play it on an acoustic drum...
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    New Jazz Bands

    Hi, What "New Jazz Bands" are you listening? The last one I found (and I love) is GoGo Penguin, what about you? any recommendation? Thanks!
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    Hi guys, how are you doing? This is kind of a Zen question if you will, not even sure if this is the right section of the forum to post it but, how do you stay motivated? I mean, on those black days that nothing seems to be working on your drumming, where do you find the motivation to just keep...
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    Equipment for drum recording studio

    Hi guys, I'm planning to put together a studio for drum recording. What mics, console and sound monitors do you recommend? Initially my plan is to have pro/semi-pro equipment. Look forward to your comments! Thanks!
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    Fingers Technique - Opinions

    Hi guys, After several months working on my fingers technique I'm finally starting to see some results. Here I posted a video doing singles and 8s: My fingers technique I'm still feeling tense after a few minutes doing this and I'm feeling some strange pain on my index fingers (on both hand)...
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    How to clean chrome pieces

    Hi, I have a few stands that have some rust spots. These stands are chromed as usual. Do you have any advice on how can I clean them? Thanks!
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    Vic Firth American Concept PowerPlay

    Hi guys, The other day digging in my old drum stuff I found this: I remember that I bought them like 5 or 7 years ago for 2 dollars or something like that. I couldn't find any information about these sticks on internet. I checked the Vic Firth archives and was not able to find anything...
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    Ahead Weighted Work Out Drumsticks

    Hi guys, I'm working on developing my speed with fingers and wrist. Currently I'm able to do singles at around 170 BPM steady and even. The other day I found these sticks for practice in Amazon. Do you think they may be a good tool to work on my speed? Is there any danger to the wrist on using...
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    Gretsch or Ludwig snare

    Hi guys, I'm planning to buy a wood snare, so far I'm between these 2: Ludwig Classic Maple Snare Drum 14 x 6.5 in. Indian Teak Gretsch Drums Silver Series S1-6514RLX-PB 14-Inch Snare Drum I would like a snare which can adapt to a good range of music, specially Rock/Pop and Jazz. My first...