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    What makes a good kick pedal?

    I've searched more than a few threads, but haven't really seen the question answered. I know there are a lot of threads on which pedal is best. But I'm curious to know what features you guys think makes a pedal good. Baseplate? Beater? Single chain? Dual chain? Direct drive? I'm looking...
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    Goal oriented practice? (or the psychology of newbism)

    Hi guys. I'm a new drummer (at 41). I have played guitar for years and have decided to try something new. Here's my dilemma. Every time I sit behind the kit, I just fall into the same beat that I have already gotten comfortable with. I find that after about 10 minutes I've lost sense of...
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    20" Noiseworks Trash bottom?

    Hi guys. New drummer here. I just bought a cobbled together set of CB drums off Craigslist to get me started drumming. After reading a bit, I have discovered that what I thought was just a neat looking 16" crash is actually the top half of a Paiste Noiseworks 16/20 Trash set. So I'm wondering...