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  1. Jeremy Bender

    Prayers and Good Thoughts for Bob Gatzen...

    The drummer, designer, inventor is not doing well. If you feel inclined to do so, please keep him in mind. For those unfamiliar with Bob here's a link with a Bio: Proceeds from the sale of all his remaining drums will be used to...
  2. Jeremy Bender

    Ludwig discontinues Bronze Supraphonics?

    Tony mentioned this on a video from DrumcenterNH. No idea why they are doing this. Great drum and glad I got mine last year when I did. (avatar)
  3. Jeremy Bender

    NAMM 2020 Discussion -Music business

    Kinda heavy at times but on the level...
  4. Jeremy Bender

    King Kong Kaces for drums

    Anyone using them? Which model you recommend to get? Thanks.
  5. Jeremy Bender

    Are YouTube videos helping to create an ADD society?

    My question begs clarification bear with me: I was watching a video recently on Christmas carols in 15/16 ime signature presented by a bass player in NYC whose also a content creator on various platforms. His video's on paid subscription Nebula are a somewhat traditional scholarly approach of...
  6. Jeremy Bender

    Sonor Prolite release

    Good news they haven't discontined this great series! The other news however is the new finish...
  7. Jeremy Bender

    Increasing population=decreasing practice space?

    In a seperate thread, rhumbagirl mentioned landlords, parents, siblings , roomates & others who have to sacrifice for our drumming. I started to think about how there's a lot more people in the world than in the gigging heydays of the dance bands and continuing into the 1970's. I've also...
  8. Jeremy Bender

    Peter Erskine - Ride Cymbal Technique Part 1

    Great starter lesson here...
  9. Jeremy Bender

    Music on TV !

    There really was once.
  10. Jeremy Bender

    Tom Lonardo from Memphis

    Cool cat with great attitude...
  11. Jeremy Bender

    Any Architetural Designer's in the House?

    Music related-Does anyone have knowledge of design or experience with building a studio that can verify the information and advice being given in this article?
  12. Jeremy Bender

    Phil Collin's drum tech- Brad Marsh

    Short but informative interview-
  13. Jeremy Bender

    About that DW/ Slingerland rebirth ?

    Someone got the news...
  14. Jeremy Bender

    Jazz vs Rock drummer differences-80/20 drummer

    Intereting lessson and presentation-
  15. Jeremy Bender

    Traveling suitcase vibraphone

    Now this is a neat idea...
  16. Jeremy Bender

    An airline and space rocket were born thanks to Ludwig percussion?

    According to Sir Richard Branson... the milestone record "Tubular Bells" by Mike Oldfield was the beginning of Virgin records and thus the beginning of Virgin group. Mike noticed a set of Musser chimes in the studio and added them to his recording. The record was extraodinarily popular in the...
  17. Jeremy Bender

    Congrats Johnny V. !

    New Orleans entertainmnt magazine bestowes lifetime achievement award to local drummer-
  18. Jeremy Bender

    Ludwig goes vintage-copying Sonor?

    Ludwig just introduced a line called Vintage Select Series in a "glacier blue" wrap. Sonor has been pushing their Vintage series this year with the "California blue" wrap. Let your ears and budget be the judge.
  19. Jeremy Bender

    RIP Viola Smith

    via Ludwig: We are saddened by the news of the passing of legendary drummer Viola Smith. Viola was one of the first professional female drummers when she came on to the scene in the late 1920’s. She was a Ludwig endorser and member of the NBC Symphony Orchestra. In 1942 during World War II...
  20. Jeremy Bender

    “Studio Survival Guide”

    Picked up this book that came out a couple decades ago. I’m enjoying reading and learning things from it.