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  1. Bopshizzle

    Realistic drum pads

    My HQ Real Feel pad, ironically enough, doesn't feel real and the extreme amount of un-natural rebound does something funky that makes my arms hurt and I feel that the techniques I learn on that pad isn't applicable to the drum set because of the rebound. Therefore, I'm looking for a new drum...
  2. Bopshizzle

    Transcription; where to start?

    Being a jazz drummer wanting to renew his solo vocabulary, I recently discovered the treasures of transcription, and I'm very eager to transcribe and learn some new drum solos. However, I'm having trouble finding suitable soloes. Both my notation skills and drumming skills are decent, but I do...
  3. Bopshizzle

    Bop's Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz

    Hey! Here are my babies; Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz in Satin Natural Drums: 18x14 kick (Remo Powerstroke 3 Coated over Fiberskyn Medium) 12x8 rack tom (Coated Ambassador over clear Ambassador) 14x14 floor tom (Coated Ambassador over clear Ambassador) 14x5 snare drum (Coated Ambassador over...