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    Throwing good money after bad

    I have a little bop kit I built out of spare drums I had and since the floor tom-turned kick now has an unused leg bracket, I decided to get a cymbal arm for it. The hardware for this kit is Tama so in the interest of keeping it in the family I settled on the one that they sell, which is made...
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    Yamaha SC snare vs Pearl VPX

    Sorry for another "help me choose between X and Y" thread... but, here it is anyway. I'm looking for a standard-sized, wood snare. I don't need something fancy, just a good bang for your buck value. I've narrowed it down to the Yamaha Stage Custom and the Pearl VPX. Both are birch, both are...
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    I hate Craigslist sometimes.

    Scammers! I mean, I can see through their BS no problem, but man is it annoying... yet I still take the time to reply with snark!
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    Bass drum hoop protectors

    These always seemed to me to be overkill, like those rubber pads that people strap to their car bumpers to protect them from scratches; but I did just get a brand new bass drum hoop for a floor tom conversion project and since it's so nice and new and fresh I now feel compelled to protect it...
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    Cymbal tripod stand bottoms--where to buy?

    Hi all, I have a possible upcoming project which will require about a dozen tripod bases from cymbal stands, with a telescoping middle tube for height adjustment. Is there anywhere I can go to buy these bottom halves only? I see that dFd sells them but only DW which is way more than I need. In...
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    Tama Dyna Sync Pedal.

    I have been playing an Iron Cobra for almost 20 years now. I've used it for a lot of things, but wouldn't mind getting a "fancier" pedal for certain situations. Enter the new Tama Dyna Sync: I'm intrigued by the apparent benefits of direct drive, and every time I put my foot on one at the...
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    Diamond plate hole spacing

    Hi all, I have a Slingerland tom with the SOM bracket removed; I would like to cover up the holes, will any old school rail mount diamond plate line up (and are they themselves standardized across different brands)? I presume that the SOM was based on that, but want to make sure first.
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    Drum key bolts for Yamaha 7/8" memory lock

    This is kind of a specific question, but a guy on Reverb is selling a bunch of Yamaha memory locks for cheap but they are missing the bolt and nut. I can get the nut from the local hardware no problem, but need to know what size bolt to get, as Yamaha has several different sizes for sale. Thanks!
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    The things you find: Used Sabian B8 ride... for $200

    To be fair... it is signed by the band.
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    Any reggae drummers?

    I know the fundamentals of reggae, but I'm looking for some technique pointers, and some ideas for fills/ways to spice it up. I play primarily Caribbean music but of the more upbeat variety, and when I get to a reggae song in the set I'm all thumbs (a challenge to play laid back after hitting...
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    Quiet Practice Heads & Cymbals?

    So I live in NYC which means the only time I'm behind a drum kit is during band practice--not ideal. I have an old kit just sitting in my closet and I'm thinking of putting some mesh heads on it with some quiet cymbals for home practice. Seems there are two options for both (Remo/Evans and...
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    Kevlar marching-style head on a standard snare (Evans Hybrid)

    A drummer I know has a kevlar marching batter on his snare and it sounds and feels great. Doing some research I see that it's inadvisable to use regular marching batters on non-marching snares so I picked up an Evans Hybrid which is specifically intended for drum kit snares. I've yet to install...
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    The best EMAD for live volume/projection?

    EMAD, EMAD2, EMAD Heavyweight, GMAD... Which one is going to provide the most volume and/or projection in a live, unmiked setting? I assume that single ply is the way to go, but I'm concerned about it sounding too "smacky" at the same time. Perhaps the slightly thicker GMAD is the best compromise?
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    A cool vintage double pedal

    Ran across this old Zalmer double kick pedal on the NYC CL--neat to look at the pics and see how the early double pedals were made. Incidentally, the seller has a treasure trove of vintage drum gear, cymbals, etc. Nice guy too.
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    K Sweet - Crashes

    Looking for a little advice here: My crashes at the moment are K dark thins, 18 and 19. Obviously, awesome cymbals in general but while I think the 18 is perfect the 19 is just a little too washy for what I play, and actually covers the same ground as my K Sweet ride when I crash that. I'm...
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    Ludwig 3x13 maple piccolo (aka the "other" Ludwig student snare)

    I see a lot of these on eBay, Reverb, etc. Anyone have experience with them? I'm interested in picking one up for my "small" kit, it may be perfect for that situation. I know the Acrolite is the real Ludwig lightning in a bottle, but I wonder if this is at least somewhat comparable as another...
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    Tama HP50 Classic

    I'm considering buying the new version/old design Tama HP50 for my lightweight gigging kit setup. However, every year I travel to another country for a competition and usually carry my heavy duty Iron Cobra pedal; I'm wondering if the HP50 would be a suitable substitute that weighs less and...
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    Ludwig UFO case cleaning

    I just bought an old UFO case (metal hinges!) which has a pretty well-established layer of dust/dirt grime on the outside. What is your preferred cleaner that gets into all the nooks and crannies in this type of textured plastic? I vaguely remember using Armor All years ago to clean amplifier...
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    The Ludwig UFO Snare Case - interior question

    I've been keeping my Acrolite in one of those mojo-cool blue & olive Ludwig reissue bags, but it gets tossed around and dirtied up a bit where I practice so I'm thinking of picking up an old UFO case for the heavy lifting. I know they are molded so a student's lightweight stand & sticks can...
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    Cymbal with dented/bent edge - hammering out?

    I ordered a ride cymbal off of eBay and when it arrived, I saw that it clearly had taken a hard fall in transit and one of the edges is now a little bit bent/dented. I doubt it will affect the sound, and I think the cymbal is hardy enough it shouldn't lead to issues. But, it was a bit of an...