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    How's my tuning?

    I've nearly got my new (to me) kit set up to my liking and I've been messing with the tuning trying to get it to sound good. I bought the pro drum tune app yesterday and gave the snare and FT a go over, I was going to get a tune bot but spend the cash on a new ride cymbal instead. How does...
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    Hardware bags - How long to go for?

    Hi All, Now I've got my drums and cymbals sorted out I need to get a hardware bag but I'm not sure how big to go. I'm not going to be out gigging on a thrice weekly basis or anything and money is tight so I've been looking at the cheaper padded bags to go with my lightweight stands. The only...
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    Re-buying drum gear, biggest bang for smallest buck?

    Hi All, I’m returning to playing after a 10 year break and as a result I have no gear at all. I’m expecting to play 2 or 3 main styles of music and I need one kit that will cope with all of it. The two main ones will be big band jazz and rock. I also need the kit to be able to be compact when...