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    Name a band(s) and the song that made them the most money

    I had this idea about cover songs that my band plays. I like to take the approach of playing the second most popular hit from any given band. People still know it but not every other band in town plays it. That got me thinking about playing songs that people like or want to hear and being...
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    Trick shaft on DW 5000 pedal question

    I just (finally) got the trick driveshaft for my 5000 pedal and I noticed that the ends don't want to push onto the pedal output shaft nearly as much as the stock shaft. It seems to attach and clamp down okay but it appears that the machining is not very deep compared to the DW. Is this a...
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    ZickosDrummer has passed away Found out on another forum. He was active here. I bought a nice Instanbul China from him around Christmas last year. Was a good guy. RIP ZD Drum on, brother. Drum on Hi - This is Gyan, Maurice's wife. He's known as Zickosdrummer on this forum. Sad to tell you...
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    Shout out to Yamaha hardware

    So, I've had this Yamaha DS-1100 throne for about 20 years. There has to be at least 1000 gigs on it. Week ago Saturday, during the last set, I felt a snap and a sharp lean mid-song. Oops! Something broke and I have to balance myself through the rest of the song. I reach down to loosen the nut...
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    $4500+ just for badges? We don't need no stinking badges

    Wow! Is this in Yen? Or are they high on sake?
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    Magnetic drop clutch? Ever tried one?

    So these Dixon and Billdidit ones have been around for a while but I haven't seen or heard much talk about them. Has anyone tried one or better yet has one they can comment on? It looks intriguing and something I might try but it's hard to not go with the tried and true spring and lever clutch.
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    Controlled Sound Black Dots top and bottom?

    I'm seriously thinking of doing the Steve Smith Black Dots top and bottom. Currently, I have clear PS3's over Amb and have enjoyed what they provide for the Keystone series shells. Since I've been so happy, I should just get 3 batters and call it a day. Talk me into or out of going Black Dots...
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    Look what my lovely girlfriend got me for Christmas

    Total shock! I had mentioned to her that I was selling some percussion gear that I use on acoustic gigs to pare down my rig and that there was a cool pedal that I could use with the cajon. She found it and bought it for me! I'm going to try to incorporate it with my regular gigs too. It may...
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    AMERICA! Heck Yeah! How I spent my 4th

    Some pre-gig pics. What a fantastic day. We played for four hours and I drank about 3 gallons of water but it was so much fun. And I get to show off my kit ;) in some natural light for a change. Feel free to add your Fourth of July gig pics here, too!
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    What's your favorite drumset category? Drums, cymbals or hardware

    Simple question, not so simple answer. I love it all but I would have to say that hardware is my favorite part. The clever ideas in designing a functional and beautiful kit are always on my mind with regards to new hardware and ways to make it work seamlessly. DW really nailed it with their...
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    First CopperPhonic retail sale?

    I just might be! Just confirmed payment and shipment. Should have in two days. Anybody need a 402? lmao This is gonna be the Mack Daddy of the Mac Daddies and will work with my Keystone perfectly. Hubba hubba ciss boom bah (they have one more 6.5 left)(one of three dealers in the country...
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    Stoopid drum deal of the day: Sonor Jungle

    I've been >< this close to pulling the trigger on a Safari kit for many years and lately I've decided that having this option for acoustic gigs or low volume is finally viable. This would coincide with my cajon/perc set up too. I have 3 choices based on the gig. Okay, sweet. Today, I was...
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    I just bought the riser I used to have, only smaller. Wow!

    So, many years ago, I was one of the first people to order an Intellistage riser in 8X8. That was a really cool riser but it was huge! Even with my ridiculous kit on it. I sold it after I realized that many of the rooms we played, I could not use it. I would bring it to a new place and usually...
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    9X13 floor tom? Sensible?

    I've been hunting for a 14X14 for my Keystone kit to no avail. The finish is discontinued. I could buy a brand new one for $400 and re-wrap it but for that cost, I'm not really in love with it. Came across a 9X13 that I could re-wrap. Much cheaper but I would need one additional Atlas mount...
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    Where does it feel right to you for a port? Does it matter?

    Just curious about this guys/gals. Where do you put your bass port? As in location. On a single bass it has to be 4 o'clock for me. Anywhere else and it feels weird. If I was doing double bass, than 4 on the right and 7 for the left.