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    Q Drums Steel Snare

    My Q Drums Gentlman’s series copper spun drum sounds so great that I decided to get a sibling shortly after learning that Q came out with brass, aluminum and steel versions. Now I’m not generally a fan of steel drums, but recordings of the steel model really spoke to me, so here she is...
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    Yet Another Delivery from the UK

    It's happening a lot around here lately. Wonder what could be in these?
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    Guru Wood

    Thought I'd take some pics of my Guru family: 7x14 English cherry steam bent 7x14 Santos rosewood stave 7x14 Padauk stave 7x13 tiger wood stave Each has its own unique voice and character. No plies here. Quite simply the best wooden snares I've ever heard or played.
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    Guru Steambent English Cherry Snare

    I'm the proud new owner of a Guru 7x14 English cherry steambent solid ply drum. Andy shared a pic of this drum when the In-Tense Series snares were launched around the time of the London Drum Show so it should be familiar to the DW gang here. As I already own a Guru padauk stave In-Tense series...
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    Guru Believer

    I've been an admirer of Guru for some time now, even though I'd never had the chance to play one of these masterpieces...until now. I'm now the proud owner of the 7x14 padauk stave drum featured in the recent video that Andy recently posted. Hard to believe the drum exceeded my ridiculously high...
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    Ludwig Contact Info

    Anyone have a good point of contact at Ludwig? The Keystone kit I ordered a few months back arrived with several bent tension rods on the kick drum and I'm trying to figure out how to get replacements. Unfortunately I purchased them through Musician's Friend rather than a local dealer...