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  1. braincramp

    Wanting to give Paiste cymbals a try. Where should I start?

    2002’s I prefer the Thin crashes and standard ride
  2. braincramp

    New Sabian HHX Cymbals Video Review

    Complex seem similar to x-tremes which is what I use. Looks like more hammering though. Would love to be able to swap my crashes out for them.
  3. braincramp

    Roland Vdrum advice

    I recently purchased full TD-11 set up with cy-13 and 12 new for just over 700. Came boxed up from factory so it was never played. I’d go with the newer TD-17
  4. braincramp

    Pearl sensitone aluminum vs Ludwig black galaxy both 14x6.5

    I just snagged a black galaxy 6.5 for 160 (couldn't resist) just wondered while I await its arrival which you would prefer? It seems to me to be a case of better looking drum with better hardware vs pure Mojo. Will probably side with the the mojo.
  5. braincramp

    New drumset

    I looking for another low cost quality sounding set, I've owned Sonor 3007s, PDP CXs and meridian maples. I ended up after a lot of research and a lucky eBay break with a Taye Studio Birch set. The torquise wrap is awesome. Got them for 399 which shows the birch hate (or maple love) that exists...
  6. braincramp

    Band significant others!

    Freaking yoko ono bi+€h $&@$%+#%. Really. Really. Sorry had to get that off my chest, feel a little better now. Feel free to delete this thread. Anyone know a good lead guitar player.
  7. braincramp

    Once is not enough

    I just bought my favorite ride ever a 20" Paiste signature dry ride 20" ( not the dry heavy just dry). I had this cymbal about 10 years ago and held on to it longer than any other ride I've ever had. I'm constantly swapping gear as I'm know a lot of fellow members here do also. The only other...
  8. braincramp

    PST8 over K

    I bought a pst8 20" ride for my practice set I keep at home but after playing it for awhile I got into my vault and pulled out my 20" k heavy ride and put them side by side. After playing both and comparing them for about an hour the k stayed on my practice set and the pst8 went in my gigging...
  9. braincramp

    Paiste PST 7's

    I have been listening to the 18" thin crash samples everywhere on the net including the paiste site and after hearing and reading reviews I'm headed out in search of one. I'm thinking from what I hear they have created a series reminiscent of the 404 or 505 series in these PST 7's. I'm going to...
  10. braincramp

    great deal on deep wood snare under $250

    I have been searching for a deep snare drum (over 6.5") for the past two weeks and have left no stone unturned. I preferred maple but was open to anything as long as it was under $250. Drumcenter of Portsmouth is running a blowout deal on Grestch Silver Series 14 x 8.5 maple cannons. It came by...
  11. braincramp

    12" sub enough anyone?

    I just got a steal on a 12" dual coil powered sub. It's a Crate which I'm not sure but think it's a middle of the road brand that is 250w. Plenty enough for small bars I play. Just looking for some bass drum beef. Think this will be enough? Or is it too small being 12"?
  12. braincramp

    Yammy 5000s are not suppose to sound good?

    Well that's everything I read online about them, junk Asian mohog luan shells. Welll,I needed some toms to go with a CX maple bassdrum for a practice kit and come across 4 - Yammy5000 shells that color matched my bass and we're all but free price wise. I've owned cheap mahogany shells and they...
  13. braincramp

    This is a good deal

    I see musicians friend is selling Drumcraft Certified Bubinga snare drums 14 x 5.5 for $149 on eBay. With the Nickelwork throw this is a steal. I see Beech 6" ones for $169. Thought I'd pass it on. The price is worth it just for the hardware IMO. Wish I didn't just spend so much on my Roland kit...
  14. braincramp

    Great e-drum amp

    I was recently shopping for a drum amp for my Roland TD-15, to use as a monitor and was surprised at both, the small amount of selection and the lack of information out there. Buy a keyboard amp was what I mainly saw. I have heard a simmons drum amp a few years back (the smaller one - 50...
  15. braincramp

    Rockstar Dream come true, sort of

    When I was a teen in the 70's I spent a lot of weekend nights at the Spectrum in Philly going to rock concerts, along with an occasional Sixers/Flyers game . My dream was to someday play there! I wanted to be a rockstar drummer!! The Spectrum is long gone and now, so concerts, the Sixers and...
  16. braincramp

    Hihat help Please!!

    I sold my Alesis Dm10 and got Roland TD15. The mesh alesis drum pads work good. I'm swapping cymbals to Roland's but saw the price of the VH hats $600. That's nuts. I am using just the single pad with alesis multi pedal and wondered if the Alesis pro X-hat would work on the TD15? Anyone tried...
  17. braincramp

    E-drums for gigging

    If you would of told me 5 years ago I would be using E-drums for gigging I would have laughed and accused you of blasphemy.. not anymore. I have always had e-kits to practice (Roland TD-4) but never really cared for them.. but have recently converted (no don't say it) to E-drums for gigging with...
  18. braincramp

    This is a great price!!!

    Could not help myself on this cymbal, its just too good a deal!! 16" Ozone XS20 for under $70...