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    Floor Tom tuning tip.

    I caught that one yesterday. Some videos have great info, but are just to long! This was short, sweet and to the point. I have to believe they came up with this idea by accident. One day they happened to set up their FT and accidentally put a leg in upside down and then realized how it grounded...
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    What makes a clear, powerful sound?

    I'm not sure if you've ever seen the videos from Drumcenter cz on YouTube, but you should really watch them. They are easily the best demo's of ALL of the latest kits from ALL the builders. They even throw in some vintage stuff now and then. Each kit gets an unbelievable solo from their drummer...
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    Evans G2 vs EC2

    I used coated G2s over coated G1s on my MIJ kit and the sound was a little to dead for me. A thump, with no resonance or sustain. When I flipped them, it was a much livelier, brighter sound, but still not exactly what I wanted. I went to Calftones over the G1s and I am loving the warmer chubby...
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    Show us your Four Piece Kits.

    Wow, those are ridiculously beautiful! Very tasteful and really unique.
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    Best Sounding Snare Drum Head For Jazz Style

    I hear you. I think Evans fixed that delamination problem now. I mean, that couldn't have gone on without a fix for to long before people stopped buying them and demanding refunds. You can't sell something you know is defective for long. While you are correct that they don't feel like natural...
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    Best Sounding Snare Drum Head For Jazz Style

    I just switched all my drumheads to Evans Calftones - except for the snare. I am loving the warm, yet responsive sound of these heads so far. For me, they sound perfect on my 60's MIJ kit and does jazz really well. They also seem to be holding up quite well, although honestly, I'm pretty easy on...
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    Reducing noise to help with tinnitus

    I have severe tinnitus after a lifetime of being around noise - concerts, bands, headphones, construction, military. Yeah, I was doomed! Ear plugs and muffs should do enough to keep it from getting worse. It's good to catch it early like you are doing, because if it not already, it can become...