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    Guitar Center Returns/exchanges

    Hey guys I looked on Guitar Center's website and couldn't find the answer so I thought I'd ask yall. Does anyone know if GC will take back unopened hardware without a receipt? I didn't purchase the item there but like I said its unopened so I thought there might be a chance. Thanks.
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    Drum Set Refinishing Project

    Hey guys just wanted to show yall what I'm working on with my kit. Its a 2003 Tama Rockstar with the plain old Vintage Red wrap. I love my rockstar but I got really tired of that cheap looking wrap. So slowly but surely I'm removing the wrap and repainting the kit. Due to my very empty...
  3. J

    New Snare

    Picked up one of these today:
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    Paiste 3000

    I was just wondering what kind of info you guys can give me on these things. I know they are discontinued but I also know thats not always a bad thing. I'm in the market for a set of used hi hats. These are in good condition and I just need some feedback. I know that I should try before I...
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    David Silveria Sig Snare

    Anyone got any info on this thing? I haven't been able to find it for purchase or anything. Is it discontinued?
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    Heads for country music

    Hey guys I'm just wondering if anyone out there has experience with drumming for country music. What heads do you use and what do you do to get that really short poppy sounding snare and deep, low resonating toms?
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    Jazz Questions

    I am primarily a rock drummer and I want to expand my horizons. I know basics of jazz such as swinging the eighth notes and whatnot from back in high school jazz band. Of course alot of the pieces were already written and didn't allow for a lot of improvisation such as jazz generally does. I...
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    Reso heads for toms

    I'm looking to change out my resonant heads and need some advice. Right now I am using Evans Onyx heads. My tom sizes are 12x10, 13x11, 16x16 and I tend to tune them low, dark, and punchy. What resos would be a good compliment? Brand doesn't matter.
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    Tama Rockstar wrap?

    Ok guys I have a Tama Rockstar and I'm wanting to switch out the hardware on the drums. The current lugs are the long one piece ones where the tension rods screw into the top and bottom sides. Does the wrap go all the way around the drums or is cut with the lugs? Also if the lugs are just...
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    Sabian xs20

    I'm curious about these cymbals. They are priced exceptionally well. Sabian's website lists them in the same category as HH and AA. Wondering people's experiences with these. How they sound, feel, what style they are well suited to.
  11. J

    Hi Hat pedal on the inside

    Just wondering if anyone plays with the hi hat pedal on the inside of the double bass pedal so that the slave is outside of the hats. If so, how does it feel? Im thinking of trying this out for a little while. Also anyone that has done this before and switched back I'd like to hear your...
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    Least Favorite Sticks

    I've seen several threads on everyone's favorite sticks (mine are the Vic Firth Buddy Rich model). I am very interested in everyone's least favorite sticks, rods, brushes, whatever. My least favorite sticks are any of the AHEAD drumsticks. I got a pair of 5Bs when I was young in my drumming...
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    Time For A Change...Any Advice?

    Hello fellow drummers. I have been without practice now for about 8-9 months due to living arrangements. Now that I am able to drum again, I figured i would change some stuff up. I have almost always played with an off center 2 up and one down setup. Now for grins I have switched my set to a...
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    Tama Superstars vs. Rockstars

    I know that Rockstars have pretty much become all but extinct and are mostly only available through GC, Musiciansfriend, etc. Have the current Superstar series become the replacement/equivalents of the Rockstars or are they just a higher-end intermediate kit?
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    How old does a drum/drum set have to be in order to be considered "vintage"?
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    My Tama Rockstar

    Hey just wondering, those of y'all that have the Tama Rockstars with the Accu-tune hoops, do y'all still use them or did you upgrade to regular style hoops? If so, did you do wood hoops or metal?
  17. J

    Finally bought Iron Cobra

    After years of playing on a PDP double pedal and a circa 90's Tama hi-hat stand, I went to Guitar Center and bought an Iron Cobra double pedal and an Iron Cobra lever-glide hi-hat stand. I'm in drum heaven now...
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    Sound mutes

    I've noticed that most drum/cymbal mute sets only come with mutes for the drums, ride, hi-hat, and a crash. I have more than just those cymbals that I would need muted. Does anyone here make their own cymbal/drum mutes? If so, what do you used?
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    Sabian APX

    Has anyone tried out or bought these? I like them alot and am thinking of switching to them. Just wondering everyone's opinion.
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    Tama Accu-tune Bass

    I have a Tama Rockstar that I bought about 6 years ago that has the Accutune bass hoops, which if you don't know tune like toms and snares. There are no claws/hooks on the hoops, the tension rod just slips in the hoop. My question is; does anyone know if I can just replace these hoops with...