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  1. Bonhamfan

    Releasing for free ~ Our entire discography ~ The Heavy Jack 3

    The Heavy Jack 3 have released our entire discography for free @
  2. Bonhamfan

    Heavy Jack - Two Songs

    Hi Guys, We just recently uploaded two songs to soundcloud that will be from our upcoming album What Is Love. This album is a self recorded 100 % original piece of work!!! Check it out - your feedback will be greatly appreciated!!! :D No Two Ways People of the Night
  3. Bonhamfan

    Help Heavy Jack get on to the Jimi Hendrix Experience Tour

    We need your vote!! Help us get onto the Hendrix Tour by voting for our cover of Hey Joe :D I have to say, after 16 years of amazing growth, this would be an amazing opportunity for a band of brothers would just dig jamming on anything. We would truly appreciate every vote given! Vote via this...
  4. Bonhamfan

    Radiohead Bodysnatchers cover - Heavy Jack Check it out!!
  5. Bonhamfan

    New Heavy Jack material

    Wow, where to begin. I haven't forgot about this place and have still come around from time to time checking out all the fantastic kits and the chops from the drummers that go with them. Keep up the great vibes guys! Now we have released a self recorded piece called "Original Copy" which is a...
  6. Bonhamfan

    Heavy Jack ~ Original Copy

    Hello all! Finally the day (night) has arrived where we release our first self recorded project for FREE download!!! Original Copy is a concept of sorts and is a result of teaching ourselves the recording process over the last 4 years since our debut album Multiply back in 08. We will now start...
  7. Bonhamfan

    Best hits from this Year ~ Compilation (NHL)

    Hey all, Just finished putting together a hits compilation of the best hits from this season clean or not. Hopefully it will get the hockey fans here pumped up for the last couple of games this season. :D The song in the vid is a cover of Radiohead's "Bodysnatchers" that we recently finished...
  8. Bonhamfan

    Heavy Jack's newest cover

    Heavy Jack ~ Updating consistently :) How's it going guys, Some of you may know about our music on here, I posted up a while back now our first album Multiply which is still available for free download via -- Recently our band has started the exciting task of...
  9. Bonhamfan

    Heavy Jack -- Some new stuff

    Hey guys it's been a long while since I have been on here, hope everyone has been doing awesome!!! Would just like to post some new vids up for your viewing pleasure :) Also would like to remind you guys about our free album download that you can find via our website Dire...
  10. Bonhamfan

    Great site for musicians & music lovers

    Hey all, Just want to let everyone know about this great music discovery site I found a little while back. It's called Stereo Fame and basically it is all about promoting great indie music, most of it free, while gaining points that you can us on an online auction. If your a band you create...
  11. Bonhamfan

    Hey Everybody

    Just want to let you know that until the end of the 1st of January we will have our debut album Multiply available free for download along with the artwork at our website: So make sure you download it and let us know what you think!!! You can also check us out at...
  12. Bonhamfan

    Heavy Jack

    Hey all, We have just cut our first complete album. It has 8 songs, 7 original & 1 cover of Jumpin Jack Flash by the Stones. You can get a free download of Peace Soldier on our website as well as videos, our bio and other great stuff. Check us out and let us know what you...