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    cymbal question

    I was wondering if it was a good idea to do this. I currently have zbt hats crash and ride. I want to get one more ride to complete my set for now. I was wondering if it was a good idea to buy another not so good crash for practice. I also plan on buying used pro level cymbals and i was...
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    wierd question

    So i finally stopped being lazy and i finally got some heavy duty noise reduction headphone things that are at the hardware store. I have just gotten a new drum kit and i thought i tuned them pretty good. I then put on the headphones and they sound so good, the toms are warm sounding and the...
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    bass drum heads

    I am in need of new heads for my bass drum its a 20 by 20 i am in a band and we do not mike for gigs. I like a nice low sound with alot of attack for my bass drum. I was just wondering if an EMAD 2 clear with a EMAD resonant bass head with a 5 inch port would be a good combo for me. thanks
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    tuning help

    i have just bought a used ddrum dominion ash pocket kit and i really like it. i have been trying to tune it right but i just can't get it right. i was just wondering if there are any tips or tricks that can help me. any suggestions are appreciated. the heads are evans genera G2 heads and stock...
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    drum set help

    i have a really bad CB set right now. I saw a ddrum dominion ash pocket kit at my local music go round for 450 dollars but it includes coated G2. i was just wondering if yall think this is a good deal?
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    i need a ride!!

    i want to get a good ride. i usually play rock but i also started to play jazz so is there a ride out there that is good for both rock and jazz that is crashable too?
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    Evans EC2

    Hey guys, i was just looking at drum heads and i was wondering if evans EC2's were kind of like pinstripes. i have pins now and its not that i don't like them but i may want to try some evans stuff since i have only been drumming for 7 months and i only used remo. thanks
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    ddrum dominion

    hey guys i was looking around and i came across these ddrum dominion apx i was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these and how did they like them? and what is...
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    crash cymbal help

    hey guys, im new. i currently have zildjian zbt 13 hats,14 crash and 18 crash/ride i don't like the crash at all and i want to get a new one(used is fine too). i was thinking about 40-60 dollars. im a begginer and im not going to be playing shows so as long as it doesn't hurt my ears like my...