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  1. Moon4Sale

    UFIP Marking Questions...

    Two Questions: 1. Does anyone know how UFIP marks their cymbals? In terms of weight that is. I found a UFIP Natural Series (White Label) 20" Ride (Online) for a Steal but I want to make sure it is the "light" version which is +/- 2100 grams. The online store took a picture of a number on the...
  2. Moon4Sale

    Which "Concert Band Instrument Are You" Quiz?

    This was fun. Try it out! It said I was a Xylophone. What are you?
  3. Moon4Sale

    Want to Trade? Cool stuff inside;)

    So, I have some stuff lying around collecting dust that I'm looking to trade. I would like to trade these as a lot and not individually: (1) Pearl JG16 Jungle Jig floor tom to Bass Drum converter Kit ($29.99) w/ 16" Pearl Optimount Tom Mounting System ($39.99) - *Used 2 times* (1) Apple iPod...
  4. Moon4Sale

    Meinl (USA) Cymbals & Percussion HIRING!!

    MEINL USA, a division of Meinl Cymbals and Percussion, is currently accepting resumes for a sales representative to join our team. We are a small, but thriving company that is using creative and fresh ideas to bring new life into the music instrument wholesale industry. We sell cymbals and hand...
  5. Moon4Sale

    ALLEGAEON (Metal Blade Records) - Drummer Wanted

    For you guys into melodic technical death metal. Re-posted from another forum: ALLEGAEON (Metal Blade Records) looking.... We are recording our sophomore album this december and have some solid touring in the next year so please keep this in mind. Check out these tunes of ours and if you think...
  6. Moon4Sale

    Ever taken a lesson with a famous drummer?

    So have you ever taken a lesson with a famous drummer? If so, who was it? And what personal exercises, methods, techniques and/or advice did they impart to you? Any and all details would be appreciated;)
  7. Moon4Sale

    Matt Chamberlain's "Boom-Bat-Boom-Boom-Bat" Story;)

    Humanizing story from a masterful drummer. Transcribed from DrumChannel's latest roundtable discussion. Matt Chamberlain, "I remember the first time I did a "session" I couldn't play this beat. I was just trying to go: Boom-Bat-Boom-Boom-Bat / Boom-Bat-Boom-Boom-Bat for the whole song but it...
  8. Moon4Sale

    Caution! Merciless Drum Duo Inside

    Danny Carey & Kirk Covington with Volto. Unrelenting SONIC FURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Moon4Sale

    "Chris Coleman" Clinic Live Stream! @ 7pm EST (May 4th)

    Chris Coleman is giving a live streaming drum clinic w/ chat @ tonight @ 7pm EST - Thought some of you might be interested. I know I'll be there;) - Tess
  10. Moon4Sale

    Glen Sobel Video - *Must See*

    Ran across this video of Glen Sobel. Very tasty & creative. 0:47 - 0:51 (Wow!) / @ 3:21 - 3:35 (Cool!) - Check it out:
  11. Moon4Sale

    Live Online Lesson - Terry Bozzio at 7pm EST Tonight!!

    I just wanted to give everyone a heads up because DrumChannel's Live Broadcast Q&A has been so dead that I am not sure if the word is getting out. See you there? Live Lesson with Terry Bozzio @ 7pm (EST) on
  12. Moon4Sale

    "DRUMMERS ONLY" Practice Facility (Concept) Needs Your Input!

    Admin - PLEASE REMOVE. Thanx...