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  1. Chunkaway

    Tama Dyna- Sync Observation

    I recently picked up a new Tama Dyna-Sync bass drum pedal. I had been using my trusty DW 5000 for the past couple of years, but I read several reviews about how smooth and quick the Dyna-Sync is. After playing with this pedal for a few weeks, I noticed that it definitely is smooth and quick...
  2. Chunkaway

    Anybody Playing Meinl Extra Dry Hats or The Sand Ride?

    I'm thinking about making my way into the world of Meinl. I literally know nothing about this company or the choices they offer. I did hear their 15" Extra Dry medium-thin hats and I loved them. Then I heard their 22" Sand Ride and I was more intrigued. I'm worried that these cymbals will not...
  3. Chunkaway

    Question for the People Playing 4 Piece Drum Sets- Sizes

    For the people playing 4 piece drum sets, I have two questions for you. 1. What sizes are you using? 2. Why did you decide to buy/play with those size drums? I played a 22/16/12 set up for about 12 years, before I switched over to a 20/14/12 set up. The change was necessitated by the...
  4. Chunkaway

    Thoughts on a 20" vs. a 22" Bass Drum for Live Playing?

    I have predominantly played a 22" bass drum for the past 20 years or so. (There was about a year or so in there that I played a 20" bass drum.) Recently, mostly due to space issues, I have been playing a 20" bass drum. (This has only been in my individual practice situations.) The 20" bass drum...
  5. Chunkaway

    Firm Throne Seat

    Due to a back issue, I am in need of a throne with a very firm seat. I have a Roc-N-Soc throne currently, but it is too spongy and soft for my back. Any ideas?
  6. Chunkaway

    Anybody Here Live or Have Lived in Taiwan (Taipei)? Looking for Drumming Possibilities

    So, I recently found out I'm moving in July to Taipei, Taiwan. I am interested in finding out about the possibility of drumming there, and if it is worth my while to bring my full acoustic kit there. Most of the information I am finding online is written in Mandarin and is a bit unclear. Does...
  7. Chunkaway

    Overhead Tripod to Record Drumming Videos of Myself?

    I am interested in recording myself drumming - I have already started doing this a bit, and it has helped my playing by leaps and bounds. I have seen several people post videos online of themselves drumming from an overhead point of view. Does anyone know how I can do this? Is there a tripod...
  8. Chunkaway

    Question About 20" vs 22" Bass Drum

    Let me start off by saying, I grew up playing 22" bass drums, so it is the size I am most familiar/comfortable with. However, when I was taking lessons with my first drum teacher, he had a 20" Gretsch (Stop Sign era) bass drum that sounded like freaking magic. Angels sang when you played that...
  9. Chunkaway

    Paiste From Istanbul Agop Observations

    I have been playing Istanbul Agops (Traditional, Mel Lewis, and 30th Anniversary) for the past 10 years or so. I love these cymbals with their dark, complex tones, but I have noticed that they can get lost in the mix- especially the rides. With that, I have always been intrigued by the...
  10. Chunkaway

    Tama Iron Cobra Squeaking Issue

    I have a Tama Iron Cobra pedal that squeaks like crazy. The squeaks seem to be coming from the spring. Has anyone else had this problem? Can the spring simply be replaced?
  11. Chunkaway

    Has Anyone Switched From Istanbul Agop/Meinl/Bosphorus to Paiste?

    I have been playing Istanbul Agop or Bosphorus for the past 12 years or so, and I'm considering as to whether or not to make a change in my cymbals. I have been thinking about the Paiste Masters and/or the Traditional Lights. Has anyone made the change from dark/Turkish sounds to Paiste kinds...
  12. Chunkaway

    Podcasts for Gear?

    I like listening to drum podcasts, but nearly every single one of them has this focus of not even mentioning gear. "We will discuss how your parents screwed you up emotionally, but we won't discuss even the slightest element of how your instrument choices connect/impact/inspire your playing."...
  13. Chunkaway

    Interesting Observation Regarding Drum Quality and Sound Preferences

    So, I live/work overseas for most of the year, however, I go back to my home country for a couple of months in the summer and three weeks in the winter. In Singapore (where I live/work most of the year) I have two C&C kits - a 2012 12th and Vine (3 ply maple/poplar/maple) and a 2018 Player...
  14. Chunkaway

    Camera to Record Some Drumming Things for Youtube

    I'm thinking about doing some lesson kind of things to put on Youtube. Does anyone have a recommendation for an inexpensive camera? I'm looking for something that is easy to drop videos from to Youtube. I'd guess I would also need something that I could hook up mics to. I'd like to stay away...
  15. Chunkaway

    Gretsch With Triple Flange Hoops?

    I really like Gretsch Brooklyn drums, but they are by far the heaviest drums I own. I only want to own a set that I would be willing to gig. At this point, the Brooklyns are heavier than I would like, if I'm going to be gigging frequently. So, if I switch over to "typical" 2.3 triple flange...
  16. Chunkaway

    One Drum Set Vs Several Drum Sets?

    So, I have been wondering about something for a while now. I have 5 drum sets, and I love rotating between them. However, I recently focused on exclusively playing my vintage Ludwig kit, which is the drum set I have owned longer than any other, for an extended period of time (several months)...
  17. Chunkaway

    Dream Bliss or Istanbul Agop?

    I have been thinking about mixing up my cymbal options a bit. I currently play Istanbul Agops, which I like quite a bit. (I have played/owned Zildjian and Paiste in the past, and while I have enjoyed some of the cymbals I have owned from these manufacturers, they aren't really my thing.)...
  18. Chunkaway

    Need Help With the Name of a Drum Pattern/Beat

    For the life of me I can't remember the name of a specific drum pattern/beat. Can someone please help, this is driving me crazy!!! The pattern begins around 1:02. It is when the drummer is playing two handed on the hi hats and then bringing his left hand onto the snare. It is a swing pattern...
  19. Chunkaway

    Any Ideas "Buttery" Feeling Hi Hats?

    I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for 15" (or even 16") hi hats that have a buttery feel, where you can kind of "dig in" to the cymbals. I currently play Istanbul Agop 15" Signature hats, and they always feel "stiff" to me. They have the dark, slightly trashy sound I like, but the...
  20. Chunkaway

    Can I Make Snare Beds Wider?

    So, I have a vintage Slingerland snare drum (Student model from 1958ish). It is DEFINITELY a player's snare. (It used to belong to a public middle school, to give you some idea.) The bearing edges need to be recut, but I was wondering, is it possible/advisable to recut the snare beds to...