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  1. Diet Kirk

    Help I need advice on what to do next with a project

    Hi guys, Over the years this forum has always been a good place for sound and wise advice so given that I'm at a bit of a strange crossroads with a project, I thought I'd log back in after being absent for a few years and see what you all thought. I spent a large chunk of the last 5 years...
  2. Diet Kirk

    Bostonians - advice

    Hi guys, Instead of posting back in my honeymoon thread as this is pretty specific I thought I'd start a new one and see if we have any Bostonians in the house. As part of our honeymoon, we are swinging through Boston for two nights. Arriving in a hire car from Portland, ME and then driving on...
  3. Diet Kirk

    NAMM 2015: Premier 'The Beast' Snare!3 I'm particularly interested in Andy's view as to whether this weird looking this is an interesting concept or simply hyperbole?
  4. Diet Kirk

    Playing at your own wedding - Lessons learned!

    For my wedding this past October, I booked an exceptionally talented New Orleans style brass band for something a little bit different (Different that is to folks in the UK in terms of wedding bands!) I chatted a lot with the band leader and mentioned that I was a drummer (not on purpose...
  5. Diet Kirk

    Honeymoon Road Trip - Americas advice

    Hi guys, My new wife and I are planning on an Americas road trip for our honeymoon this summer. Seeing as a lot of you are from said continent, I thought I would ask for your advice. Attached (Hopefully) is our tentative itinary. I think its doable, and the intention is that it was more of a...
  6. Diet Kirk

    Paiste Crush Ride (Dimensions and 2002)

    Anyone own one of these bad lads? Based on the descriptions and sound files I've heard, seems like a crazy cymbal to discontinue. Started life as the Dimensions crush ride, morphed into the 2002 crush ride and then...
  7. Diet Kirk

    Truly Unique?

    Having just recieved a nice rebate from my bank I decided to celebrate by finally changing my ride cymbal. I'm still in something of a budget contious mode so I opted for a lovely used little Paiste number. I've been meaning for some time to round out my paiste collection, but my recent...
  8. Diet Kirk

    Heavy music, where did the ride go?

    I've just replied to another thread and then realised something. When did metal/heavy music drummers stop using the ride during double kick parts. Everything is always on stacks or soft fast crash cymbals these days.
  9. Diet Kirk

    I'm a sucker for weird looking cymbals

    Anyone else here a sucker for weird looking cymbals? I love anything that looks unique or a little bit different. Biggest problem I have is that often the sound I'm going for doesn't match what my eyes love in a cymbal! Any sympathisers? and whats the wierdest/coolest looking cymbal you've...
  10. Diet Kirk

    32nd notes in a 16th note fill - singles or doubles?

    In a similar vein to the other thread about single or double choices. Little hands up poll. When you are playing 16th note fills and you want to slot in four 32nd notes to give it that little pep, do you play singles or doubles?
  11. Diet Kirk

    Your favourite Mug!

    I've just moved cities and started in a new office. Apparently I now have to supply my own mug! Hit me with your favourite mugs, drummer related, music related, art related, comedy, anything you like and help me select the most exciting bit of office equipment there is! I quite like this for a...
  12. Diet Kirk

    Wedding ring including wood ideas

    I'm having my wedding ring designed to include wood as a little nod to my love of all things drumming and wood related. One of the things that always drew me to drums was the beautiful grain in the wood of some kits. These two links show the kind of thing I'm getting made, with the wood inlayed...
  13. Diet Kirk

    Problems with space and time

    My surname is Kirk, but sadly I am no Captain! I found the thread about keeping time on the hi-hat interesting. The OP had difficulty when playing 8th notes on the hi-hat. I have the complete opposite problem. Whether its keeping time on the hi-hat or with the right hand, I find that the...
  14. Diet Kirk

    Midi-Sheet Music I need your help!

    Morning all, Some of you may already be aware (and be sick of it by now) that I'm getting married in October. As a surprise to me future wife I've written a fun little song that my wedding band are going to learn and play. The band in question are a New Orleans style brass band consisting of...
  15. Diet Kirk

    1980s worst of demo tape! Absolutely terrifying!
  16. Diet Kirk

    Session work gear must haves?

    This is one for all you working session guys. I'm intrigued as to what you would consider the must haves gear wise in order to start out playing recording sessions. Is there a go to snare? A set size and configuration of toms/kit? Great all rounder cymbals?
  17. Diet Kirk

    How did you select your teacher?

    So I'm intrigued how the majority of people selected their teacher. Was it through word of mouth, the impressiveness of their resume, or by sitting down and chatting and identifying a meeting of musical minds? Coming at this from two angles really. 1. My long term goal is to teach students...
  18. Diet Kirk

    Triple Stroke Roll - The Gateway Rudiment?

    It would seem the triple stroke roll is invaluable as being able to play three strokes at speed crops up in a number of other rudiments. Anyone got any good exercises or pointers on playing good triple stroke rolls? Not necessarily at crazy tempos, but I'm thinking around the 150 - 180 mark...
  19. Diet Kirk

    Diddling and Flamming

    So I've reached the point of Tommy Igoes lifetime warmup where I'm tackling the para-diddle-diddle and the flam rudiments. Firstly with the para-diddle-diddle. I'm finding that practicing slowly is not helping me when I bring it up to speed. This is largely I think due to the difference between...
  20. Diet Kirk

    Can rhythm be taught?

    I'm not sure if this should be here or in technique. My fiance has absolutely no rhythm whatsoever. She can't dance, can't tap along to music, can't sing, nothing. We once took salsa dancing lessons together which ended in purple feet for me. Which led me to think of something interesting. Can...