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    Sabian HHX Groove Ride

    Hey, guys! I bought a 21" HHX Groove Ride off of a friend yesterday for $150, and I couldn't possibly be more in love with it. While it is quite a bit thinner than my other ride cymbals, it still has pretty good stick definition, probably because the raw bell helps give it a drier tone. When I...
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    Reshaping warped Slingerland Radio King shell

    Several months ago, I bought an old 13 x 9 Radio King tom shell online, and while the wood is otherwise in excellent shape (solid tone all around when rapped with knuckles, no areas of peeling), the shell itself is warped just enough that I cannot put heads on it. It has reinforcement hoops...
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    My next ride cymbal is... a Paiste?!?

    Ladies and gentlemen, on Wednesday, I traded in my 1970s 14" New Beats and 22" A Medium Ride for a used 24" Paiste Twenty Masters Deep Ride. Historically, I have had a love-hate relationship with Paiste cymbals; the only ones I like are the Signature Dark Energy, Twenty Masters, and Masters...
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    Converting a Slingerland Radio King tom into a snare drum

    Hey guys, I recently acquired a 13 x 9 Slingerland Radio King tom shell through a drummers' group on Facebook, and I wish to convert it into a snare drum. The drum is a three-ply maple shell with reinforcement rings on both the batter and resonant sides, and aside from yellowing of the white...
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    Reduced high range for UV1 heads?

    For the past five years, I have used nothing but Evans Power Center Reverse Dot heads on my main snares since I like a bright, open, and high-pitched sound like Buddy Rich always got with his Fibes snare, but ever since I switched the head on one of them (my PDP 14 x 8 Maple Bubinga) to a UV1...
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    Who else uses a marching snare with a drum set?

    On October 24 of last year, I became the proud owner of a 15 x 12 Slingerland Sound King marching snare that was made in May of 1965, and it quickly became my primary snare drum to use with my PDP Double Drive set once I put new heads on it. When the drum arrived, it had a Remo Ambassador batter...
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    16" K EFX and 16" A Rock Crash as hi-hats: Good idea, or bad idea?

    I have a 16" A Medium Crash, and a 16" A Rock Crash that I currently use as my main set of hi-hats. I am thinking of getting a 16" K EFX to use as a top hi-hat like Eric Harland does since I like the sound. I am thinking that my Rock Crash will lend more volume and articulation to the hi-hat...
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    Which Puresound wires are the quietest?

    I have a 14 x 4.5 PDP Platinum Solid Maple snare that is far too sensitive for my liking (hence its nickname "The Millennial"). I am well aware that the very shallow shell is not doing the drum any favors, but I want to fix the problem as much as I possibly can with equipment. I have already cut...
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    22" K Dark Medium ride vs. 22" K Custom Dark ride

    I have a 22" Zildjian K Constantinople Prototype ride that has a nice, dark ping, which I love, but at 3714 grams, it is far too heavy for any music lighter than rock. I am thinking that either a 22" K Dark Medium ride, or 22" K Custom Dark ride would be a more versatile choice. However, it has...
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    24" ride recommendations

    I am a ride cymbal enthusiast who is looking for a versatile 24" in B20 to add to my collection. Any finish aside from brilliant is fine, and brand loyalty is not a concern. I am just looking for a ride that would sound good with my current setup while adding the unique tones that only a 24"...
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    Awesome vintage ride

    Hey guys, I'm here to brag about the early 1970s 22" A Zildjian medium-thin ride that I've been over the moon about since I bought it for only $113 on October 18 at my favorite Sam Ash store. It has a considerable amount of patina on it, so it isn't as bright as I'm sure it once was, and I'm...
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    Effects of snare depth on tuning?

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if there is already a thread about this, but I'm curious about what effect the shell depth of a snare drum has on its tuning as compared to another one of equal diameter. I'm wondering about this because my snares are the same diameter, but the new one has an extra 3...
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    I'm teaching myself the bass, and I need songs

    Hey, guys. I've decided to pick up the bass, and teach myself how to play it as a side project. My bass arrived last night, and it's a 5-string acoustic-electric that I got for $200 off of eBay. I can already play "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes, but I'll need recommendations for other...
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    Making cymbals from scratch

    Hey, I'm wondering where I could find round sheet metal that I could hammer into cymbals? I was inspired to do this by watching Lance Campeau's videos on YouTube.