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    Sensible questions to ask a prospective teacher

    I have to admit, I feel like all I'm doing here at the moment is asking questions. I sense this might get annoying. Long story short - after losing my job just before I was planning to start taking lessons last summer, I'm now in a position where I can start again and I'm in luck because I've...
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    More on budget electronic drums

    I'd carry on posting in the other budget thread, but because my budget's different to his I thought I'd be better served making a new thread. I posted once already about the kits I was curious about, but upon going up town and having a poke around I'm rethinking my options. Here are the...
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    What's going on here?

    Evenin' all. After advice from some ears more experienced than mine to decipher the verse groove from Gunman, by Them Crooked Vultures. What's stumping me is the cymbal feel - the kick and snare maintain the stomping pattern throughout, but I'm not clear what's being played during the verses on...
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    Bear with me, this is a fairly broad question. I've been saving with an eye towards getting a reasonably inexpensive electronic kit for a while now, primarily so I can play whenever I get the opportunity without having to worry about noise concerns. I have about £600 to play about with and I'd...