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    afro cuban-ish uptown funk

    Just like the title says, I had fun playing some afro cuban over a straight funk song. haven't figured all out yet (especially the last 16 bars). I think I need to put more cha cha cowbell in it but not sure how. Here it is :
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    where I am at in my independence journey

    Just like the title says, I'm posting this so I can look back at it at a later time and see how much I $ucked!!!
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    Tommy igoe's GE vol.1 groove 41; Mambo

    recorded this today ,playing along the cd. recorded with mostly an audix adx51 single overhead and a little bit of isolated mikes but really not much.
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    The trio I am in keys/guit/vox, bass and I . rough mix any input would be great :)
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    recording sound

    I have been fooling around with recording . Finally got some good mics (audix kit) and using the tascam us1800. this is a basic grove with just kick and overhead> the next one down (titled "practicing cubase) is...
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    Kit for studio

    The band I am in's guitar/keys/organ player is part owner of a recording studio and they are looking for a versatile kit to record various genres (he said " good for rock and jazz" ) Looking into the standard sizes 12/13/16/22 , not sure what brand ,etc. What would you guys get ?
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    Yamaha moto-x

    Just thought I'd finally post a quick video of my "rock setup". It's a Yamaha tour custom moto-x special edition.4 piece.12 16 24 14x6sn has all aquarian response2 on , sk2 on the kick. 15 new beats , a totally broken 16K and a 20 K custom ride. recorded with an iphone 4 and a tascam im2 mic...
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    Fast swing (Cherokee ) groove 79 GE 2.0

    So here I am , playing along/reading tommy igoe groove essentials 1 and 2. Haven't done it in a while and it shows all my flaws. I get to 79 and it shows fast swing. I play along and it is a medium swing . I was like "whatta??" I just keep on playing. Then it goes to the second chorus and it's...
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    Strip it???

    Sooooo. I have a yamaha tour custom moto-x special edition kit with a 24/16/12 and a snare. Love the sound of it and like the looks of it too. I just prefer natiral wood. I was thinking about removing all the lacquer and coat it with linden oil . I did the same on a cheap 5000 yammy kit a while...
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    Just replaced my hihat drop clutch

    Used to have to usual drop clutch and was never happy with it when doing double bass. I was never closed enough and if I set it up with the cymbals a little too close while open, a hard hit would lock it in open , defeating the purpose. So I got a dwsm9213 and now I can control how much sizzle...
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    Simple beat??? Not so much!!

    I was listening to john mayer's vulture live with Steve Jordan and playing along. Simple beat with a driving hihat. I was like "let me practice some easy indrpendance stuff". Turned music off , kick on 1 and 3 snare on 2 and 4, same eighth note driving hihat and open the hat every 3 1/8th note...
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    Shorter hihat stand and cymbal stand

    I am looking for a hihat and a cymbal stand that are shorter then 17". Thst would be taken apart. The longest piece has to be 17" so it can fit in my yamaha hipgig stool/canister/throne/hardware storage thing. A hihat with a very flat pedal would be icing on the cake .
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    Soooooo, I noticed something ........

    I was practicing my right hand/kick "single stroke " and I received a text from my girlfriend. I was like , I got one free hand (the left one;)) let me reply while still doing the exercise. Grab my phone , and the pattern starts to screw up. Start texting and it is all over the place. I was...
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    Chachi Riot (AKA Josh Marunde)

    Current drummer for pop evil. I saw them live last summer. I just love the energy he brings. Just like on this song
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    Fast jazz hi hat

    I have a problem with fast jazz hihat . From the 300 bpm and up my left foot has a hard time keeping up (playing heel up ). I am working on playing heel down and having the one and 3 on the heel and 2 and4 on the toe, creating a rocking motion. I was wondering if thst is whet most people use or...
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    Car problems??? Ask away!!!!

    The recent thread about change in policy /Andy/guru made me think. Andy brings in all his knowledge and shares it on here. I have lots of knowledge just in a different field. I am and ASE master mechanic , recertified numerous times , L1 certified . I have my own business and been doing this...
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    Snare level too loud.

    Here is the issue I have. My snare is too loud. Doesn't matter what snare I use , the band members complained that it is "killing them ". I am looking for ways to lower the decibel levels of it . It it a rock/heavy rock cover band (Alice in chains, tool, slither type music). Kit is a yamaha...
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    Zildjian's 50 famous drum intros from the last 50 years

    I saw that on Facebook and thought I'd share. I found it very entertaining and that guy rocks. Cheers!!
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    80's 5000 yammy kit

    Here is an older kit I had forever. was tired of it so I took the faded wrap off, took the top layer with it (darn glue) and put about 8 coats of tung oil. Doesn't sound bad at all ( to me anyway!!!) Let me know what you guys think!!! here is the link
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    Snare sound.

    So... I just "restored" an older yamaha kit I have (5000 series in the 80's). Removed the wrap, sanded the top coat off and coated it with tung oil. Only did the 22 , 12 and 16. Hot new aquarian coSted response2 on it . Decide to put the 12x8 Tom on a snare stand . Sounds dead. I google my...